Adaptogenic Immunity Bundle
  • Adaptogenic bundle

Adaptogenic Immunity Bundle

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Stay resilient with this “Defender” bundle. Plant-based nutrients, stress-supporting adaptogens and immune-boosting functional mushrooms to promote overall wellness and a strong, healthy immune system.

  • Bliss Cacao Elixir
  • Focus Matcha-Moringa Elixir
  • Glow Turmeric Elixir
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Bliss Cacao Elixir – Brew a cup of calm with earthy, sweet spices and stress-supporting botanicals. This luscious blend features blissful raw Cacao and adaptogenic Reishi, the “Queen of Mushrooms”, whose Chinese name Ling Zhi represents spirit and longevity. Cozy on up to Hot Chocolate 2.0.

Focus Matcha Elixir – Do as the monks do and stimulate your senses with this zen-inducing flavor bomb. Sweet & smooth, umami-rich, ceremonial grade matcha gets paired with Lion’s Mane mushroom, Ashwagandha, Pine Pollen and Moringa for a brain and stress supporting, energizing, antioxidant-rich blend. Your coffee break has met its match-a.

Glow Turmeric Elixir – Unlock your glow from within with this signature blend of invigorating spices and adaptogenic herbs. Featuring Turmeric, Ashwagandha, Astragalus and Pine Pollen – some of the most revered botanicals in traditional medicine. Get ready for bright, steamy elixirs and iced lattes with an antioxidant punch. We’re talking next level radiance.

How to Enjoy

Enjoy Hot

Blend or whisk with hot water or milk of choice

Enjoy Iced

Dissolve in a small amount of hot water, then add cold water or milk of choice and top off with ice


Add to yogurt, oatmeal, pancakes, and more. Anything goes!

Additional information

Dimensions 6 × 11 × 14 in


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