Custom Powder Subscription

Custom Powder Subscription

$69.95 / month

Give yourself the best start to each day with this robust combination of carefully selected and throughly tested herbs. Our custom formula provides overall support to balance your body naturally, with an extra boost to help restore your vitality. *

  • Custom formulated for your issues, lifestyle & goals
  • 180 ml, 30 day supply

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100% Natural

Gluten Free

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How To Take


Take Up To 2 Tsp
Mixed In Any Liquid

Take Twice

Good for You

Isn’t Always Tasty

Herbal tincture are all natural and only include herbs, alcohol (needed to extract the herbs benefits) and water. You get everything you need with nothing you don’t so : Natural—yes. Tasty—no.


Takes Time

Rebalancing your body doesn’t happen overnight. While you may start to notice improvements quickly, the full effect will come as you take the tincture regularly over time.

Our Herb Growing & Selection Process

We grow as many of our herbs in California as the climate and season allows. What we don’t or can’t grow, we get from the top-quality supplier, Spring Wind Herbs. We only use food-grade herbs and we apply the most stringent testing available. The herbs are tested for pesticides, herbicides, fungus, spores, mold, and heavy metals.


Our tinctures have three main ingredients: herbs, distilled water & alcohol. For our alcohol, we use California produced grape spirits. It starts at 170-190 proof and has 0ppm total dissolved solids.

For our water, our filtration system utilizes reverse osmosis and deionization to produce water with less than 10ppm total dissolved solids. Some formulas include organic honey. It helps to mitigate the bitterness of some herbs and it emulsifies the high amount of solids in our extracts to keep them in solution.

Our powders are simply ground herbs. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Production Process

Our herbs are finely ground prior to the extraction process. Our closed loop system gently warms the herbs and solvent and pushes the solution through the herbs. Utilizing traditional formulas and modern methods, we coax the active ingredients out of herbs without losing anything in the extraction process, resulting in the most concentrated solution available. Then, we bottle this goodness in handblown glass bottles in California.

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Katey Yurko

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