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For Rejuvenating Energy

Shatavari may very well be the “Queen of Ayurvedic Herbs” due to its cooling, feminine & nurturing energy. Considered a rejuvenative, this herbal supplement restores health & vitality to both the nervous & immune systems, while also working as an adaptogen to help the body & mind relieve stress*. Shatavari is especially beneficial at providing hormonal balance to the female reproductive system & is also considered to be a demulcent, retaining moisture within the body*. This super root can be used to balance both vata & pitta doshas thanks to its grounding, hydrating & rejuvenative effects*. Contains approximately 77 servings.

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Access the plant wisdom of herbal tonics by making them an essential part of your day. Take internally to support optimal health, balance & wellbeing.


Organic Shatavari

How to Take

Traditional method:

In AM, mix 1/2 tsp Shatavari powder into  ½ cup tepid water & drink.

In PM, mix ½ tsp Shatavari powder into ½ cup warm milk, add a dash of cardamom & enjoy!

You can also add into smoothies, teas, elixirs, coffee, baking & other food preparations.



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