Women’s Blend Tea
  • Woman’s Blend - a tea for menopause paavani
  • Woman’s Blend - a tea for menopause paavani
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Women’s Blend Tea


For Hormone Regulating Support

Paavani’s Woman’s Blend Tea combines hormone regulating Chasteberry & Black Cohosh, moisturizing Shatavari & Licorice, soothing Sage & Indian Sarsaparilla & cooling Peppermint to bring Ayurvedic relief to the discomfort of menstrual or menopausal symptoms including PMS, menstrual cramps, hormonal imbalance, hot flashes, sleep disruption & overall dryness. Rehydrate, rejuvenate & reclaim balance from the inside out. Contains 24 servings.

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Drinking a warm cup of tea feels like a hug, especially when the tea is hand blended with the spirit of Ayurveda & 100% organic herbs, roots, flowers & seeds. These medicinal teas are offered loose-leaf & caffeine-free to access the highest potency of ancient plant wisdom. Each blend is intended to balance a different dosha & need, supporting your highest alignment.


Organic Chasteberry, Organic Black Cohosh, Organic Shatavari, Organic Licorice, Organic Indian Sarsaparilla, Organic Peppermint & Organic Sage
Chasteberry is the fruit of the chaste tree, also known as vitex or monk’s pepper & has been used since ancient Greece to heal symptoms of PMS, menopause & infertility. Research suggests that chasteberry decreases the level of the hormone prolactin. This helps to re-establish balance amongst the various hormones in the female body. When prolactin is balanced PMS symptoms like irritability, constipation, breast pain & tenderness are reduced. A decrease in prolactin has also been shown to increase fertility in women. Studies have shown that chasteberry is effective in promoting better sleep & balanced moods for menopausal women.
Black Cohosh
Part of the buttermilk family, black cohosh was used amongst Native Americans to treat PMS & menopausal symptoms. Scientific research has shown that women taking black cohosh experience a reduction in hot flashes & night sweats. This perennial herb also provides relief from anxiety, tension & stress associated with PMS.
Shatavari may very well be the “Queen of Ayurvedic Herbs” and she is the more cooling, feminine counterpart to ashwagandha. Shatavari literally means “one hundred roots” but it also translates to “the woman with one hundred husbands”. Kind of a crazy concept, but there is a reason for this. Shatavari has special benefits for the female reproductive system, strengthening it to such a high degree that one may ideally be able to have a hundred husbands if she chose to! It is an adaptogen, meaning it rejuvenates the body & mind, restoring balance to both the nervous & immune systems. Shatavari has strength, power, wisdom & endless love to share with all she meets. Shatavari is anti-inflammatory, thanks to its cooling properties & also is a demulcent, bringing moisture into the skin & body.
Calming to the mind & nurturing to the spirit, licorice is considered a sattvic or harmonious herb in Ayurveda. This root provides moisture to the mucous membranes of the body; thus, counterbalancing vaginal dryness associated with menopause. This root can help reduce hot flashes thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. For women looking for relief from PMS, licorice may help nourish the body & reduce constipation.

How to Take

Pour 8oz of freshly boiled water over 1-2 tsp. of tea. For full-bodied flavor, cover & steep for 8-10 minutes. Strain herbs from tea. Sip, set intention & enjoy the balancing relief.




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