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We asked licensed experts to try our products and give us their honest feedback. Here’s what they had to say…

Dr. Maddison Garcia

I have been loving using the welleum. I have been dealing with a lot more stress lately and it was keeping me up at night, the formula is the perfect cure for a restful night’s sleep and I wake up feeling refreshed. I do not have to use very much of it either which is making this dream formula last much longer than expected! Happy customer.

Lily Bonart L.Ac, DACM

I have been taking Welleum’s formula for over a month now and I absolutely love it! I’m sleeping better, my energy is improved AND it was easy to take directly aka the taste didn’t turn me off (taste being the biggest complaint from patients when it comes to Chinese herbs). I’ve already begun recommending Welleum’s formulas to my patients and am so excited to have a herbal line that I can confidently endorse when I’m looking for clean blends that provide real results.

Dr. Alyse Snyder DACM

I have used many Chinese Herbal tinctures throughout the years, and Welleum is by far one of my favorites! You truly can taste the difference as the tinctures are concentrated and super potent. My favorite is the readywell which I have been using to boost mine and my children’s immunity. It has given us natural protection and bolstered our health and I also noticed it helps to lift my energy! Also love recommending to my patients as all Welleum products use top quality food grade herbs, and are stringently tested to make sure no pesticides, herbicides, mold/fungus or heavy metals are in the formulas. Thank you Welleum for making such incredible and great tasting formulas!

Dr. Mozelle Armijo

Balancing your internal environment and finding peace and calm is the basis of self-care. Using Welleum helped me do this for myself. I found myself sleeping deeper and waking refreshed, despite the chaos in my external environment. I highly recommend this tincture to my patients, family, and friends because it is not only effective, but it is affordable and created from quality ingredients. Find your zen and transcend the stress of life with Welleum’s tinctures!



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