Herbal Tinctures For Everyday Issues


We’ve combined centuries of Eastern medicine wisdom with modern scientific research to create all natural herbal tinctures to address common issues.


Our Herb Growing & Selection Process

We grow as many of our herbs in California as the climate and season allow. What we don’t or can’t grow, we get from a top-quality supplier, Spring Wind Herbs. From sleep to digestion, it’s time to get balanced naturally.


Only food-grade herbs
The most stringent testing available
No pesticides, herbicides, fungus, spores, mold, or heavy metals


100% Natural

Gluten Free

Free U.S. Shipping

Our tinctures have three main ingredients:

Top Quality Food Grade Herbs

Distilled water

California produced Ethanol

Production Process

Our herbs are finely ground prior to the extraction process. Utilizing traditional formulas and modern methods, we gently extract the active ingredients from the herbs without losing anything in the process, resulting in the most concentrated solution available.


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Katey Yurko

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