Over 10% of Americans adults say they get insufficient sleep every night.

Do you really know how bad sleep deprivation is for you?
sleep deprivation

Lack of sleep is worse for you than you think

Wrecks Your Libido

Stress due to sleep causes the brain to suppress its production of sex hormones (both estrogen and testosterone), which can lead to infertility and erectile dysfunction.

Affects Brain Function

According to one study, lack of sleep can actually make you more susceptible to paranoia, hallucinations, or — worse — delusions and even psychosis.

Compromises Your Immune System

When you sleep, your immune system produces and releases proteins called cytokines, which target infections and inflammation. They also help you sleep better. Without proper sleep, your body can’t restore your immune system.

Crave Junk Food

That’s because sleep deprivation releases hormones called endocannabinoids, which make you crave bad stuff like chips and ice cream (the same hormone that causes the munchies when you… you know).

You need better sleep STAT!

It is impactful in improving both sleep quality and sleep efficiency

This formula reduces stress

It has an immediate and persistent anti-depressant effect making users happier and more relaxed


The complex mixtures of natural phytochemicals have sedative and hypnotic functions primarily mediated by the GABAergic and serotonergic system

The formula improved sleep based on both the polysomnography index and Pittsburgh sleep quality indexes

What is lunawell?

lunawell is an all-natural herbal tincture comprised of the classical formulas Chai Hu Long Gu Mu Li Tang and Suan Zao Ren Tang. These have been used for thousands of years to naturally help those with sleep issues.

CHAI HU LONG GU MU LI TANG reduces stress and anxiety, thereby reducing cortisol levels that interfere with the body’s hormones and ability to regulate its circadian rhythm. It clears heat from the body to reduce restlessness and agitation – both mentally and physically.

Studies have shown:

SUAN ZAO REN TANG is based on the premier sleep herb: Suan Zao Ren (jujube seed). Suan Zao Ren calms the mind, gently nourishing your sleep.

Studies have shown:

What people are saying


“I’m able to fall asleep really fast and stay asleep really fast so in the morning I find I’m much more refreshed and ready for my day because I got a true, good eight solid hours of sleep.”

Erika, November 15, 2020

“I slept from 10-5am without waking. I usually up around 2:30-3 for a little bit and toss around a lot more through the night.”

Carley, October 15, 2020

“Best sleep herbal supplement”

Francesca, November 1, 2020

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