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Explore How We Help With Anxiety

In the West, everyone with anxiety gets the same meds – SSRIs, but not all anxiety is the same. Some suffer from social anxiety, others are overachievers with running thoughts, while some can’t quite sit still. That’s why we address your specific issues instead of lumping you into a bucket. Explore what thousands of years of experience and modern day science supports for treating anxiety.

Nail Nervous

A Wholistic Guide To Aiding Anxiety

Should You Try Eastern Medicine Instead of Anxiety Meds?

Anxiety - Valerian Root And Eastern Medicine

Teen Anxiety And How To Treat It

Our experts are licensed acupuncturists, herbalists, and Doctors of Oriental medicine, and they have years of experience in helping those with all types of anxiety. They’ll talk with you about your history, concerns and goals, and help you identify which herbal formula is best for you.



How Our Herbal Tinctures Are Made


Our Herbs


We grow as many of our herbs in California as the climate and season allows. We only use food-grade herbs and every herbs is tested for pesticides, herbicides, fungus, spores, mold, and heavy metals.



Our tinctures have three main ingredients: herbs, distilled water & California-produced alcohol. That’s it. Though, some formulas include organic honey, helping to mitigate the bitterness of some herbs and it emulsifies the solids in our extracts to keep them in solution.

Production Process


We finely ground our herbs and use a closed loop system to coax the active ingredients out of herbs, resulting in the most concentrated solution available. Then, we bottle this goodness in handblown glass bottles in California.

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