Virtual Wellness For AutoImmune

Virtual Wellness Consultations
Expert Help + Tinctures for AutoImmune

Achieve optimal wellness with monthly digital consultations with Eastern medicine experts and custom herbal tinctures, all for $129 per month.

$129/month, cancel anytime.

Help for your autoimmune disorders, customized by experts.

  • Get help with Lupus, diabetes, arthritis and more
  • Subscribe to get monthly one-on-one advice from a licensed Eastern medicine expert, without leaving the house.
  • Subscription includes tinctures made just for you, bottled in California. One customized bottle is sent to you each month after each consultation.
  • Schedule your virtual wellness consultation after subscribing.
  • $129/month, cancel anytime

Explore How We Help With AutoImmune Disorders

In the West, everyone with autoimmune gets the same meds, but Eastern medicine provides a more comprehensive, personalized solution to better treat their specific issues, therefore improving their quality of life. Explore what thousands of years of experience and modern day science supports for everything from headaches to autoimmune diseases.

How It Works

Meet Your Expert


Schedule your video chat with your licensed Eastern medicine expert and talk about your goals, issues, and concerns.


Receive Your Formula


Learn which of the 100K+ Eastern medicine formulas is right for you, and receive it monthly.


Monthly Check-in


Ongoing virtual consultations help to make sure we’re addressing issues comprehensively so you can be the best version of you.


Meet the Experts

Our experts are licensed acupuncturists, herbalists, Doctors of Oriental medicine, and more. With years of experience, they’ll talk with you about your history, concerns and goals, and help you identify which herbal tincture is best for you, and they’ll give you other helpful advice on diet, sleep, stress, and everything in between.



How Our Herbal Tinctures Are Made


Our Herbs


We grow as many of our herbs in California as the climate and season allows. We only use food-grade herbs and every herbs is tested for pesticides, herbicides, fungus, spores, mold, and heavy metals.



Our tinctures have three main ingredients: herbs, distilled water & California-produced alcohol. That’s it. Though, some formulas include organic honey, helping to mitigate the bitterness of some herbs and it emulsifies the solids in our extracts to keep them in solution.

Production Process


We finely ground our herbs and use a closed loop system to coax the active ingredients out of herbs, resulting in the most concentrated solution available. Then, we bottle this goodness in handblown glass bottles in California.

Eastern Medicine Wellness 101

Eastern Medicine 101

Eastern Medicine is a rich and diverse system that prevents, diagnoses, and treats imbalances in one’s spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health. It has been practiced for thousands of years and its foundations include anatomy, physiology, pathology, and therapeutics.

Unlike Western medicine, Eastern medicine treats the WHOLE person, not just their symptoms. This is why many conditions are actually better treated by Eastern medicine or a combination approach, as the solution is tailored to your exact needs, not what works for the masses.

We want to help you specifically.

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