4 Ways You Make Yourself Sick (and What to Do About It)

4 Ways You Make Yourself Sick (and What to Do About It)
September 27, 2020 welleum


And What To Do About It

How You Could Be Making Yourself Sick

Do you need two hands to count how many workouts you fit into a week? If that’s you, then you’re probably obsessed with your health. 

While taking care of yourself should be a top priority, there are tons of things we do on a daily basis that are really bad for us, like dwelling on negative thoughts or not drinking enough water. 

When it comes to true health and happiness, balance is key. Below are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you’re keeping your overall health in check. 

1. Your Yucky Thoughts Are Dragging You Down

Yucky Thoughts Eastern MedicineNegative self-talk sabotages your mental health and happiness. These are the kind of thoughts we spat to ourselves subconsciously for, say, not fitting in that fifth workout or forgetting to count calories before a meal. Or, to put it in a more literal context, the kind of thoughts that would be considered verbal abuse if they came from someone else. 

To stop thinking negatively of yourself, you have to first identify the problem. Here are some common examples of negative self-talk: 

  • “I really suck at this”
  • “There’s no way I’ll EVER fit into those jeans”
  • “No one appreciates anything I do”
  • “I’m always alone and no one is there for me”
  • “If only I were as good at this as everyone else…”

The list goes on, but these yucky thoughts do a number on your self-esteem. Over time, you develop patterns of negativity that can affect your career and personal life. Solution? Don’t beat yourself for having these thoughts; focus on replacing them. Here are four steps to help you do just that: 

  1. Notice when you have a negative thought 
  2. Acknowledge it’s something you want to change
  3. Think about how you want the situation to be different 
  4. Choose to replace that negative thought with a positive one that helps you reach your goals 

Anytime you find yourself spiraling in negativity, take a moment to breath and start at step one.  

2. You’re Not Drinking Enough Water 

Water and Eastern MedicineDid you know that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated? It’s true. Dehydration is unhealthy and can lead to some serious health problems, like: 

  • Heat injury, like heat cramps or heat exhaustion due to not drinking enough water during a workout
  • Urinary and kidney problems. Long periods of dehydration can cause kidney stones, kidney failure, and even UTIs if you’re not careful. 
  • Seizures. A lack of water in your body can cause a mixup with electrolytes, which can cause involuntary muscle contractions or even make you pass out. 
  • Headaches. Most of us have been hungover and know just how debilitating one of those headaches can be! 

So the trick is knowing when your body is dehydrated. According to TCM wisdom, here’s what to look out for: 

  1. Dry mouth (or cottonmouth) 
  2. No sweating, even in hot weather
  3. Muscle cramps
  4. Palpitations
  5. Lightheadedness

Of course you never want to experience any of these symptoms, so here’s how to stay hydrated throughout your day: 

  • Start your day by drinking a glass of warm water and lemon
  • Start carrying a water bottle with you everywhere you go 
  • Avoid drinks that dehydrate you, like coffee, tea, or alcohol
  • Drink coconut water on humid days to replenish those electrolytes 

3. You Don’t Take Care of Your Teeth

Your Teeth and Eastern MedicinePoor oral hygiene can actually lead to dementia. It’s also linked to a range of other undesirable health issues, like: 

  • Cardiovascular disease 
  • Respiratory infections 
  • Diabetic complications 

The key is to develop good oral hygiene habits. Here are some great ways to keep those pearly whites and gums healthy: 

  • Use natural mouthwash with ingredients like peppermint, lavender, cinnamon, and other essential oils. Avoid products that use chemicals and alcohol, as these can cause discomfort over time. 
  • Floss everyday. This one seems basic, but it’s essential to maintaining clean teeth. 
  • Brush three times a day. Once in the morning, once after lunch, and once before bed. Basically, once after every major meal. 

Keep these habits up over time. Your mouth will appreciate it, plus you’ll feel good knowing your smile is that much cleaner! 

4. You’re Not Sure What Vitamins and Supplements to Take

Vitamins and SupplementsFact: Vitamins, supplements, and minerals are healthy. Also fact: Not researching what you’re taking — or taking too high a dose — could lead to unwanted health problems, such as diarrhea, nausea, or stomach cramps, just to name a few.

For example, the mineral selenium is known to help you grow hair and fight hair loss, but taking too much selenium can also cause hair loss, nausea, skin rashes, and nervous system problems. 

Vitamins, minerals, and supplements are healthy, but you need to know what you’re taking and why. Below are a few ways you can get started: 

Try Some Raw Herbs

Research and try some raw herbs. Here are a few to inspire you:

  • Astragalus root: an ideal daily supplement for preventing colds and other respiratory infections 
  • Chinese rhubarb: A go-to remedy for constipation that may also provide relief from hemorrhoids, indigestion, and diarrhea 
  • Chinese mugwort: Dispels pain and may alleviate irregular or painful periods 
  • Chinese red ginseng: a powerful anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory supplement that can reduce inflammation and may improve your immune system

Look Into Tinctures

Tinctures have a lot of health benefits if you know what you’re taking and why. Here are a few we recommend to help with your overall wellness: 

  • Digestwell: This all-natural digestive supplement incorporates an old herbal formula known to improve your digestive health. Take two drops a day to support your digestive system! 
  • Lunawell: This tincture improves your sleep, especially if you’re dealing with restless nights on the regular. Take three droplets for the most benefit. 
  • Wellrounded: This tincture is an all-around energy and wellness booster for your body and mind. Take it when you need some rejuvenation! 

There are thousands of tinctures out there with some awesome health benefits. But, you don’t want to take anything needlessly, so talk to an expert first about your symptoms.   

Research Your Multivitamins Before Taking Them

Multivitamins are a great way to get your vitamins, but you should still look into what you’re putting into your system! 

Here are a few essential vitamins you need: 

  • Vitamin D 
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Folate
  • Vitamin B-12

Start a More Nutritious Diet

Multivitamins are a great way to boost your overall health, but it’s even better if you get your nutrients from foods. Here are a few foods you’ll want to incorporate to get the nutrients you need: 

  • Kale: Contains vitamin A, C, and K, plus lots of other nutrients
  • Spirulina seaweed: Contains a host of vitamins
  • Shellfish: Shellfish, like crab or oysters, are rich in vitamin B12 
  • Sardines: Sardines pack a ton of vitamin B12 and omega 3 fatty acids
  • Yellow bell peppers: A great, natural source of vitamin C
  • Cod liver oil: A rich source of vitamin C and D

There are a ton of foods rich in the vitamins you need, so do your research and have fun with what you find! 

Have some other TCM tips to keep your body and mind healthy? Throw them in the comments! 

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