5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Boost Your Circulation & Energy Levels

5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Boost Your Circulation & Energy Levels
May 4, 2022 Jackie Gomez


An Eastern Medicine Perspective

5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Boost Your Circulation & Energy Levels

In our fast-paced world, many look to coffee, energy drinks, or quick fixes to stay alert throughout the day. An eastern medicine approach looks to support energy and circulation from the inside out by addressing the root cause of the imbalance. 

We are all trying to feel, and function at our best, so here are 5 things you can do today to boost your circulation and energy levels.

1) Go for a walk 

Walking And Eastern MedicineDoesn’t it seem like going for a walk is the answer to everything these days? 

That’s because walking can offer so many benefits for your body and mind. Before you disregard this simple activity, we encourage you to give it a try. Walking gets your body and brain moving, your blood flowing, and when you walk regularly, you can expect better sleep, increased energy, and an overall increase in health and vitality. 

Walking encourages the flow of qi and can move stagnant qi in the body. It’s a great activity for those looking to increase circulation, fight inflammation, boost their energy levels, or those who want to encourage a healthy body and mind. Walking can improve irritability and fatigue and doesn’t require any special skills or equipment. You can walk just about anywhere, and it’s easy to fit a walk into your daily routine. 

Among other things, walking can improve blood flow and circulation. It boosts energy levels by releasing certain hormones like endorphins and delivers oxygen throughout the body. Not to mention, getting outside can ensure you’re getting enough Vitamin D! Walking in nature is a double bonus! 

If you’re feeling tired, sluggish, need a boost, or maybe just a break from the workday, head outside and walk around the block and swing those arms.

2) Get adequate sleep 

With busy schedules, children, or a long list of to-dos, sleep may be your last priority. In our modern world, sleep is viewed as a luxury rather than a necessity for your health. You may be tempted to stay up later to tackle your to-do list. However, lack of sleep can begin to negatively affect your health, and how you function each day. 

According to eastern medicine, your body gets rid of toxins while you sleep. There is a body clock so there are specific times to get sleep (I think you have an article on this). If you’re not getting adequate sleep, not only will you feel tired, but those toxins can start accumulating in your body, leading to fatigue, stagnation, and other health concerns. 

While it may sound counterintuitive, getting more sleep can make you more productive, alert, and energized throughout the day. Its recommended that you aim to get 7-9 hours of restful sleep each night. 

If you have trouble relaxing or falling asleep, try meditation or stretching before bed to calm your mind. Limit screens in the evenings and avoid heavy meals a few hours before bed If you eat too closely to bedtime the body will be digesting and not detoxing. Create a peaceful nighttime routine to get your body into the rhythm of relaxation and encourage peaceful sleep.

3) Supplement with ginseng 

Herbs for Spleen - Red GinsengGinseng is a popular herb that has been used in eastern medicine for centuries. Ginseng has recently grown in popularity as a powerful herb to support energy, vitality, mental wellbeing, and immunity, among other things. In eastern medicine, ginseng is used to supplement the qi (energy) and nourish the blood while also calming the mind and spirit. It is a potent antioxidant that can help fight inflammation, ensuring you stay healthy and energized. Ginseng also boosts cognitive function, so you stay energized and alert. In addition, It helps fight fatigue and increase your energy levels. 

There’s no wonder why ginseng continues to grow in popularity! If you’re struggling with low energy and fatigue, consider ginseng to support healthy energy levels and overall wellbeing. This herb is in many popular formulas.

4) Sip green tea 

You already know that green tea is healthy, but you may be surprised at all this delicious beverage can do. In eastern medicine, green tea is used to reduce heat, boost alertness, support digestion, and more. 

Drinking green tea is a great alternative to coffee, offering sustained energy without the spike of caffeine and the sudden crash that comes from coffee. Green tea is also known to boost circulation and improve cardiovascular health

If you’re feeling tired or sluggish, instead of reaching for a cup of coffee, brew some green tea. While it does contain caffeine to increase alertness, it also works to bring balance back to your body. 

5) Stimulate acupoints 

With a minimal understanding of eastern medicine, you understand the benefits of acupuncture for boosting and encouraging the flow of qi, balancing the body, increasing circulation, and helping with a range of symptoms. 

While acupuncture is an incredible healing modality, there are ways to reap some of the benefits of acupuncture at home with acupressure.

Acupuncture works by inserting thin needles into certain points in the body. Acupressure works by applying pressure to certain points of the body. 

There are acupoints that you can massage to keep yourself energized. 

Large Intestine 4 Acupressure Point TCMHe Gu: AKA LI 4, this acupoint is located between the first and second fingers. Activating this point can boost qi (energy) and strengthen the immune system. 

Bai Hui: This acupoint is located at the crown of the head. Activating this point can improve cognitive function, calm the nerves, and promote the flow of qi, increasing circulation. 

Next time you’re sitting at your desk and trying to focus on the task at hand, or you’re struggling to keep your energy up as you work through your to-do list, massage these points for a few minutes to give your body a boost. 

Eastern medicine encourages you to find the root of your symptoms, address any imbalance, and heal from the inside out. While this can sometimes be a process, the points we shared today can help you find some relief today, feel your best, and boost your overall health and wellbeing. 

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