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  • Why Multitasking Is Bad From You From an Eastern Medicine Perspective

    Put The Kibosh on Multitasking STAT

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    You may think reading your emails while listening to a podcast and cooking breakfast is the ultimate way to be productive, but it actually has the opposite effect. From an eastern medicine perspective, multitasking is thought to injure the mind and body. If you’re suffering from fatigue, burnout, and mental exhaustion, multitasking may be the reason.

  • 5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Boost Your Circulation & Energy Levels

    5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Boost Your Circulation & Energy Levels

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    In our fast-paced world, many look to coffee, energy drinks, or quick fixes to stay alert throughout the day. An eastern medicine approach looks to support energy and circulation from the inside out by addressing the root cause of the imbalance. We are all trying to feel, and function at our best, so here are 5 things you can do today to boost your circulation and energy levels

  • What Your Pulse Can Tell You About Your Health

    What Your Pulse Can Tell You About Your Health

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    Did you know that just by assessing your pulse, practitioners can identify the health of your organs and the source of your symptoms?
    If you’re new to eastern medicine practices, this method of diagnosis will probably be a whole new concept to you. However, pulse diagnosis has been a regular eastern medicine practice for thousands of years.

  • Herbal Remedies For Gut Issues

    Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Nagging Gut Issues

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    Are your gut issues a fact of life? Or is something more going on? Most people have accepted or gotten used to living with gut issues like bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. Eastern medicine views these symptoms as signs of underlying imbalances that impact more than digestion. While you may feel these nagging gut issues are just a normal part of life, they may be your body’s way of communicating a greater problem.

  • What To Know About Adding Supplements

    What You Need to Know Before Adding Herbal Supplements to Your Regime

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    Ok, you’ve learned all about herbs, and now you’re ready to add them to your regime. We want to help you add herbal supplements to your regime the right way. Let’s talk about what you need to know first, how to incorporate herbs into your routine, and when you can expect to see results.

  • What Your Skin Says About You From An Eastern Medicine Perspective

    What Your Skin Says About You from an Eastern Medicine Perspective

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    The skin is the surface layer between your inner and outside world, and when issues begin to arise in your skin, this can actually be a sign of something occurring on a deeper level.
    The skin is actually the largest organ in your body (who thought that was an organ? Be honest!), and when something is going on internally, it is often the first place to show it. Eastern medicine takes a unique approach to skin health by addressing things from the inside out.

  • Stress & Eastern Medicine

    Stress & Eastern Medicine

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    When stress goes undealt with, it builds up and can affect virtually every area of your life. It can have negative effects on your mind and body. From your ability to produce your best at work or school or even how you function in relationships. With pent-up stress, you’ll probably find that you’re harder on yourself, you lash out at others, and you get easily overwhelmed. Stress can also affect your physical health. It’s important to be preventative in your stress management. Find ways to reduce stress so you can feel and function your best. If you’re looking for some more natural solutions for coping with everyday stress, try these eastern medicine remedies.

  • Love Your Liver With Eastern Medicine

    How To Love Your Liver

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    You are constantly putting stress on your liver through the barrage of toxins in our environment, and you likely don’t even realize it. Thankfully, with the help of eastern medicine, there are some simple and natural ways to improve your health and give your liver some much-needed love!

  • Winter Foods To Keep Your Body In Tip-Top Shape

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    The days are shorter, and the cold is closing in. TCM winter foods are exactly what you should be eating for an energizing diet this time of year. They keep your skin looking fresh by adding hydration-packed nourishment, and they infuse your organs with magic. Well, not really magic, but the perfect combination of ingredients to keep you healthy during the cold. Let’s talk about what Eastern medicine thinks about eating with the seasons and managing your diet in the winter.

  • Eastern Medicine For Chapped Lips

    Eternally Chapped Lips? Here Are Some Natural Solutions

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    Are your lips perpetually chapped? If so, you’ve probably run the gamut when it comes to chapstick. But really, chapstick isn’t doing that much to keep your lips moist in the long run. If anything, chapstick is a great temporary measure to keep your lips from cracking, but if you’re constantly greasing up your mouth, there’s a chance you may have deeper health issues at work. 

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