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  • Post Corona Travel – Natural Prep Before, During & After

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    Excessive time indoors definitely triggers your wanderlust, and with all the quarantining and social distancing going on, you’re probably booking your next big trip already. But, before you hop on a plane anytime soon, you need to plan accordingly — and we’re not just talking about your itinerary.

  • Ayurvedic Ear Oil

    Herbal Ear Oil? It’s A Thing, And You Might Want To Try it

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    When you go to clean your ears, what do you reach for? The classic, a trusty q-tip? Or maybe you’re into ear candles to melt the wax out.
    Unfortunately, both of these methods are problematic. Herbal ear oil, on the other hand, has been done for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine to help keep the ears and jaws clean and healthy.

  • TCM and Aging

    More Than Just A Number: TCM And Aging

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    Some people say that age is just a number–what really matters is how old you feel on the inside. But according to TCM, age is actually pretty important. There’s an ancient Chinese text called the Huang Di Nei Jing, and it lays out the stages of life for both men and women. And all of these stages correspond to certain ages. So cute phrases aside, age really does matter when it comes to your health and TCM.

  • Eastern Medicine Recipes

    Soup, Smoothies and Salads, Oh My! 3 Eastern Medicine Detox Recipes

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    No matter what an Instagram influencer might tell you, you don’t actually need to buy an expensive juice cleanse or mysterious detox tea to flush out your body. Our organs were made to keep our bodies clean. But that doesn’t mean our detoxing organs can’t use a little help now and then. If you’re feeling like your body needs a reset, you can focus on supporting those organs and systems that are already working hard to remove toxins. Here are some recipes to get you started…

  • Wu Gu - Chinese Five Grains

    Wu Gu: The Five Chinese Grains and Why You Need To Know About Them

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    Chances, you probably think of rice and beans as relatively basic (if not boring!) foods. But if you’re familiar with TCM at all, you’ll probably know that food is medicine. In fact, an entire ancient medical textbook was written about it and outlines the Five Natures and Flavors of Food. The Five Flavor theory doesn’t stop there, though. It also includes something called wu gu, or the Five Grains: Wheat, Brown Rice, Millet, White Rice and Beans. So why does all of this matter? Well, each grain is connected to an organ – read on to find out how these grains can help your health.

  • herbal tinctures

    Herbal Decoctions Versus Herbal Tinctures: What’s The Difference?

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    Do you know what the difference between herbal teas, decoctions, and tinctures is? As it turns out, the difference is actually pretty minor. But that small difference can have major results. Here’s what you need to know about herbal tinctures, decoctions, and everything else in between!

  • Purslane

    Wacky Weed or Culinary Delight? What You Need To Know About Purslane

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    If you’ve ever heard of Purslane, you probably know it as an annoying succulent-type weed that will grow pretty much anywhere, in any conditions. But it’s actually an edible succulent that is loaded with vitamins and nutrients. Plus, it’s delicious! It’s been eaten around the world, raw or cooked, for hundreds of years. And we’re predicting that it’s going to be a major culinary trend very soon. So read on to learn everything you need to know about this wonderful weed that can help with everything from inflammation to infection.

  • Herbs For Happiness

    4 Ways To Hack Your Happiness Chemicals With Eastern Medicine

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    It seems like there’s a life hack for everything lately–even your brain. In some ways, our brains are pretty complicated. But did you know that they can also be hacked if you know what you’re doing? If you’re looking to feel better, be happier, and have healthier relationships, here’s what you need to know about targeting and boosting your happy chemicals with Eastern medicine.

  • Menopause treatments in Eastern Medicine

    4 Ways To Get Rid of Hot Flashes With Eastern Medicine

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    All of a sudden your face gets red, you start to sweat, and you feel like someone just cranked the thermostat all the way up–but everyone else in the room is fine. You’re having a hot flash, and you’re not alone. Did you know that 3 in 4 American women get hot flashes when they go through menopause? In fact, hot flashes are almost seen as the symbolic symptom of menopause, the 12 months of a woman’s life after her final period as her levels of reproductive hormones naturally decrease. But just because they’re common doesn’t mean you have to suffer through them. Luckily, there are science-backed ways to deal with hot flashes with Eastern medicine.

  • Questions From An Eastern Medicine Practitioner

    7 Questions Your TCM Practitioner Will Ask You

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    By now, most of us know the drill when it comes to a typical visit to the doctor. But when your doctor is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner, the process is a little different. After all, Western medicine and Eastern medicine are two completely different beasts. They understand the body, sickness, and health in very different terms. So it makes sense that a visit to a TCM practitioner won’t be the same as a trip to your primary care provider’s office. In an attempt to demystify eastern medicine like TCM, here’s what you can expect to be asked by your TCM practitioner.

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