Eastern Medicine Tips For Women In Their 30’s

Eastern Medicine Tips For Women In Their 30’s
June 24, 2020 welleum


For 30-Something Year Old Women

Eastern Medicine For Women In Their 30's

In ancient Chinese text, Huang Di Nei Jing says that a woman’s Qi, your vital energy, moves in seven-year cycles. By the age of seven, a young girl’s Qi is overflowing – manifesting itself through the growth of hair and permanent teeth. At fourteen, the life-force of Qi causes the onset of puberty (we don’t have to explain THAT!) and through her furtive 20’s, a woman’s body flourishes.

But when a woman reaches about age 35, her Qi reaches its summit.

At this point in life, you may have found a career, maybe you have kids or are seriously thinking about it. You might be starting to notice that you can’t have that weekly donut any longer. In fact, any type of carbohydrate after lunch time and you might as well call it a day. It’s amazing how drastically a woman’s body can change once you hit your late 30’s. The metabolism that so wonderfully guided you throughout your 20’s has left the building, never to return.

By our mid-thirties, we are often so frazzled by everything going on in our lives that it’s hard to define what is up or down, forward or backward. Our hectic professional and/or family life, not to mention our sex life, tends to have us so preoccupied that our personal health and well-being are certainly NOT our first priority. But it should be!

While Eastern Medicine does not promise to be an all-cure, it can help with a host of conditions and illnesses as they are related to an imbalance of Qi in our body. As we age, we can begin to facilitate the free-flowing of Qi once again, with the use of acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

Women in their 30’s Have a Higher Risk of Ailments

Nail Nervous

It is also in our 30’s when we begin to notice the resident aches and pains that start to slowly creep up as we age. During this time, women are more susceptible to such ailments as:

While these are obviously not confined to being experienced only at this stage of a woman’s life, it can be argued that the risks of experiencing them begin to climb around this time. Eastern Medicine can greatly help those suffering with all of the above.

The beauty of eastern medicine is that a combination of acupuncture, Eastern Medicine-related exercise (tai chi, qi gong, and yoga) and herbal medicines can work together to increase blood flow and target certain areas of the body to release its natural healing capabilities, thereby alleviating some of the above systems and naturally letting the body do its job in healing.

A Chinese herbal regimen is an amazing way to not only treat symptoms, but boost nutrition within the body. You can get a specific combinations to be rich in antioxidants, immune boosters, anti-inflammatories and adaptogens. As we begin to age, such vital things as our immune system, bone density, circulation and moisture in the body start to decrease and break down. A daily Eastern Medicine regimen can work wonders for keeping this inevitable breakdown at bay, or even greatly slow the process.


Meditation For SleepStay Active

Daily meditation and Tai Chi are winning ideas which can be supplemented  with walks, yoga stretches and sports. These cardiovascular activities also help to increase blood flow throughout the body and oxygen to the brain. Many women in their 30’s even experience more of a ‘runner’s high’ with this increase oxygen flow, making them more alert and able to concentrate.

Take Advantage of Adaptogens

These are handy herbal supplements that can be added to drinks or recipes, or taken in pill form. Those such as ashwagandha and holy basil work naturally with your body to reduce stress. Women in their 30’s who have adult acne can also benefit from adaptogens.


Acupuncture NeedlesFor those of us who haven’t partaken in the miracle of this ancient form of healing, it can seem a bit daunting. But consider that acupuncture clears heat and toxins from the body, thus also clearing inflammation and bacteria, and clearing up your skin.

Pay Attention to Your Diet

The simple truth really is you are what you eat. In one way or another, the foods you eat will be reflected externally. And while that chocolate croissant at the bakery may look mighty tempting, just remember that it’s sugar-packed and most likely processed. You don’t need that. Instead, go with fresh fruits for that jolt of natural sugar, and balance it with some protein.

A women’s health during this time in their lives is so important to keep in check. Using Eastern Medicine alone or in conjunction with Western medicine can be so effective during this critical time.

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