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  • Menopause treatments in Eastern Medicine

    4 Ways To Get Rid of Hot Flashes With Eastern Medicine

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    All of a sudden your face gets red, you start to sweat, and you feel like someone just cranked the thermostat all the way up–but everyone else in the room is fine. You’re having a hot flash, and you’re not alone. Did you know that 3 in 4 American women get hot flashes when they go through menopause? In fact, hot flashes are almost seen as the symbolic symptom of menopause, the 12 months of a woman’s life after her final period as her levels of reproductive hormones naturally decrease. But just because they’re common doesn’t mean you have to suffer through them. Luckily, there are science-backed ways to deal with hot flashes with Eastern medicine.

  • Fix Hormone Imbalances With Eastern Medicine

    Do You Have One Of These Common Hormone Imbalances? Here’s How To Treat It Naturally

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    From bloating and mood swings to fatigue, the signs of hormonal balance are frustrating to deal with. You might recognize them as symptoms of PMS or Menopause, which are natural changes in your hormone levels but they can also be signs of unnatural hormone fluctuations that can be bad for you in the long run. Unfortunately, hormonal imbalances are more common than you might think. But luckily, they’re treatable! And with a little help from Eastern medicine, you can find safe, natural ways to get your hormones back into balance. Here’s how.

  • Swap Western Pills for Eastern Medicine

    4 Easy Eastern Swaps For Western OTC Medications

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    Whether you have a headache from partying too much the night before, you’re stuffy from a cold, or you’re doubled over with period cramps, it seems like there’s an over-the-counter medication you can take for almost everything. But sometimes, these OTC meds aren’t the best solution to our problems. If you’re looking for a more natural way to deal with everyday problems like headaches, heartburn, congestion or period pains, Eastern medicine has got you covered. Here’s 4 easy swaps for western meds from TCM and Ayurveda.

  • 3 East Asian Herbs You Already Have In Your Pantry (And 3 You Need To Get ASAP)

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    If you’re new to Eastern medicine and traditional Chinese therapy, you might think that the herbs and ingredients used in TCM are weird, unfamiliar, and hard to find in your local supermarket. And for some ingredients, you’d absolutely be right! But a lot of people would be surprised to know that many herbs and ingredients from TCM are probably already in their pantry, let alone their grocery store!

  • Hair Loss in TCM

    Hair Loss And Traditional Chinese Medicine

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    Hair issues are the worst – and not just for women. If you’ve noticed your hair thinning or getting patchy, it may cause panic. Our hair is such a big part of our identity that even small changes can make a big impact on our confidence. However, have you ever wondered if your hair’s condition is a way that your body is attempting to get your attention?

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Help You Get Pregnant

    The Surprising Reason So Many People Are Turning To Traditional Chinese Medicine To Get Pregnant

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    Struggling to get pregnant and looking for alternatives to help you conceive? You’ve likely spoken with your doctor, your friends, and heavily consulted google. But, if you’ve tried all the go-to things and haven’t had success, people around you might be starting to tell you about Eastern medicine, and there’s good reason why. 

  • Eastern Medicine For Women In Their 30's

    Eastern Medicine Tips For Women In Their 30’s

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    In ancient Chinese text, Huang Di Nei Jing says that a woman’s Qi, your vital energy, moves in seven-year cycles. By the age of seven, a young girl’s Qi is overflowing – manifesting itself through the growth of hair and permanent teeth. At fourteen, the life-force of Qi causes the onset of puberty (we don’t have to explain THAT!) and through her furtive 20’s, a woman’s body flourishes. But when a woman reaches about age 35, her Qi reaches its summit.

  • Essential Oils For Beauty

    Get Holistic Beauty Radiance With Essential Oils

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    Essential oils are mega popular for keeping your home smelling fresh (and covering up the fact that your dog is way overdue for a bath). But what makes these oils so…essential? High-quality essential oils actually contain the essence of medicinal herbs, and include the natural benefits drawn from them.

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