The Surprising Reason So Many People Are Turning To Traditional Chinese Medicine To Get Pregnant

The Surprising Reason So Many People Are Turning To Traditional Chinese Medicine To Get Pregnant
October 29, 2020 welleum


Are Turning To Eastern Medicine To Get Pregnant

Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Help You Get Pregnant

Struggling to get pregnant and looking for alternatives to help you conceive? You’ve likely spoken with your doctor, your friends, and heavily consulted google. But, if you’ve tried all the go-to things and haven’t had success, people around you might be starting to tell you about Eastern medicine, and there’s good reason why. 

Across the globe, millions of people use Eastern medicine in their daily lives for their overall health and wellness, but as Westerners who struggle to conceive have found, by balancing your body, mind, and soul you can create natural biological equilibrium to help you get preggo!

Across a variety of health industries and professional scientific studies, the arts of Eastern Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are continually showing  benefits to improving reproductive health. Through the increased stimulation of the ovulation process in women across the  reproductive health spectrum,  women are finding success in achieving pregnancy by putting into practice TCM. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Help You Get Pregnant

In addition to helping those with normal ovulation cycles, TCM has also been effective in helping those who experience difficult reproductive cycles and polycystic ovarian syndrome. With the power to balance hormones, TCM is helping many women find hope and healing from difficult pregnancy journeys every day.

Let’s break down how Eastern Medicine/Traditional Chinese Medicine is helping women across the globe get pregnant faster and easier than ever before: 

So What Is “Traditional Chinese Medicine”?

While it may sound a bit mysterious, TCM is actually an all-natural way to help nourish and strengthen the body and mind using resources you can find anywhere (you can check out this blog for more info!). Having been part of the daily diets and lifestyles of millions of people for thousands of years, TCM has been shown to be a great way to introduce balance and equilibrium to nearly every part of your body. 

While even healthy women have natural variations in their cycles, Western medicine too often looks at imbalances in the menstrual cycle as benign, but these can cause disturbances in fertility if not addressed early on.  Where Western medicine might ignore or up your birth control dosage to suppress them, Chinese medicine addresses the underlying imbalances before they lead to pathologies.

TCM methods and diets can help increase the health of the body’s vital organs. It can also, when used in tandem with the guidance of a TCM expert, help to balance the reproductive system for women who are trying to conceive. 

Many women who may be suffering from conditions such as oligomenorrhea, multiple fibroids or diminished ovarian reserve can take advantage of Eastern Medicine to recover a more normal reproductive cycle, as well as increase the chances that they will become pregnant through regular means. 

As a woman ages and their ability to conceive becomes more difficult, TCM can help boost the body’s reproductive cycle to encourage a healthy pregnancy. 

Not only can TCM help increase the chance of pregnancy, but the benefits of Fertile Foods that fall within Eastern Medicine’s diet can boost energy, mindset, and bring overall balance.

Using Eastern Medicine’s “Fertile Foods”

Beets in Traditional Chinese Medicine For PregnancyAt every stage in the pregnancy journey, the types of foods and drinks that a woman puts into her body can drastically affect the experience. Not only does food enter into the stomach, but the nutrients absorbed will circulate through her system. This can have an incredible effect on the function of her reproductive organs!

Following the help and advice of a skilled TCM practitioner, you can discover the foods that are best for promoting different health outcomes – including those that impact fertility. They can also help you know what kinds of nutrients to avoid if you are having trouble conceiving.

In general, women seeking to become pregnant using Eastern Medicine will often increase their intake of organically-grown foods that tend to benefit the Blood, including:

  •       Blackberries
  •       Raspberries
  •       Pomegranate
  •       Beets
  •       Chard
  •       Yams
  •       Spirulina
  •       Pumpkin and Flax Seeds
  •       Clams and Oysters
  •       Plums
  •       Shiitake mushrooms

By using online resources and long-standing Eastern Medicine practices to add these and other TCM superfoods to your daily diet, you will find that your body enters a much stronger state of physical, mental, and emotional balance. The results will dramatically change your pregnancy journey in more ways than you can imagine.

Using TCM To Increase Your Health Before, During & After Pregnancy

Tai ChiNot only does Eastern Medicine and TCM help you build a healthy and balanced diet, but there are many elements to TCM that can boost your physical health as well! 

When it comes to encouraging healthy fertility, the physical practices of Tai Chi and other Eastern physical workouts can help clear your mind and body of stress and anxiety – mental ills that can damage your body’s ability to get pregnant and maintain a thriving pregnancy. 

Through physical movement and mental meditation, individuals using Eastern Medicine and TCM can better balance their body’s energies and put your mind in a better place to navigate the difficulties of pregnancy. Meditation and proper sleep practices can also aid in increasing your energy levels and boosting the health of yourself and your baby. By utilizing the skills and dietary methods of Eastern Medicine before, during, and after your pregnancy, you will be amazed at the difference you will experience!

Take Advantage of TCM To Enjoy Your Pregnancy Journey

The process of fertility, pregnancy, and labor can be a long and difficult process – but also one of the most impactful and meaningful times in a woman’s life. By taking advantage of the holistic health benefits of TCM and Eastern Medicine, you can bring balance and increased energy to your pregnancy. While every pregnancy is different, by adding Eastern Medicine to your experience, you will find that  your joy, memories, and purpose increase along the way! Your body, mind, and soul will thank you – as will your future bundle of joy!

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