8 Antiviral Herbs to Stay Happy and Healthy

8 Antiviral Herbs to Stay Happy and Healthy
March 17, 2020 welleum


To Keep You Happy And Healthy

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Have you ever met someone that exudes happiness all the time and wondered, “What’s their secret?” Well, if you asked a celebrity like Gwyneth Paltrow, she would accredit that youthful glow she carries with her across the red carpet and into boardroom meetings to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 

A lot of celebrities — including Paltrow — have jumped on the TCM train over the years, but one key aspect of TCM that really helps them maintain that glossy complexion and sense of happiness is the incorporation of antiviral herbs into their diets. These age-old herbs play a large role in keeping the body healthy and happy, and you can start using them, too!  

Herbs are not universally antiviral, but some have an impact on particular viruses. Others may also help with general immune responses. Here’s a list of 8 of the most commonly used antiviral herbs and their health benefits. 

8 Antiviral Herbs to Keep You Healthy and Happy 

1. Elderberry

ElderberryCaught the common cold? Elderberry is a great cure. It not only boosts the immune system, but fights typical cold symptoms so you get healthier. The best way to take elderberry is as a syrup, but you can also infuse it into a hot tea. 

2. Oregano 

This commonplace plant may bring to mind pizza toppings more so than viral remedies, but oregano is actually a strong antiviral agent when used properly. Brew an oregano tea and be on your way to healthier. 

3. Eleuthero – Sometimes Called Siberian Ginseng 

Panax Ginseng

This powerful herb has been used in TCM for thousands of years. The base of the plant contains the most nutrients, and is typically ground up and taken as a supplement. Eleuthero is said to help combat colds, flus, and to help mitigate respiratory infections.  


4. Olive Leaf

The olive leaf is a powerful antiviral herb that many have claimed to be effective against influenza, polio, herpes, and hand-foot-mouth-disease (HFMD) viruses. To take it, you can make a simple infusion with the leaves or purchase an extract. 

5. St. John’s Wort 

St. Johns WartThis antiviral plant grows in shaded areas, and is typically used for nerve pain or as an antidepressant. An added bonus, this herb can also help with insomnia. 


6. Calendula 

Calendula is a beautiful looking plant that is rich in antioxidants. It’s said to work well as an antibacterial, anti-tumor, antiviral and anti-inflammatory herb; it’s also supposed to make your skin look radiant!  

7. Holy Basil 

While holy basil tastes great in your food, it also packs a punch as a powerful antiviral agent! It’s said to contain both antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, and many think it helps you cope with stress and makes you generally happier. To take it, it’s most commonly consumed as a tea. 

8. Fennel

Yet another herb known for its flavor and use in cooking, fennel also has antiviral properties. It’s said to reduce inflammation and boost your immune system. You can brew a fennel tea or purchase it as an oil.

Taking advantage of these essential antiviral herbs will help you become healthier and happier. Just try some and see how you feel — you won’t regret it! 

Do you have antiviral herbal suggestions or questions? Feel free to leave a comment below! 

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