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  • Post Corona Travel – Natural Prep Before, During & After

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    Excessive time indoors definitely triggers your wanderlust, and with all the quarantining and social distancing going on, you’re probably booking your next big trip already. But, before you hop on a plane anytime soon, you need to plan accordingly — and we’re not just talking about your itinerary.

  • readywell

    How readywell Boosts Your Immunity

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    7 powerhouse herbs, 1 immune-boosting tincture. Let’s unpack the ingredients that make up one of our most popular products, our readywell Tincture. This immunity-boosting herbal supplement is chock-full of herbs used for centuries in Eastern medicine that have been scientifically proven to help you boost your immune system and up your energy levels.
    So with further ado, let’s check out each of the carefully-chosen ingredients in readywell.

  • Leaky Gut In Eastern Medicine

    Leaky Gut Syndrome: What It Is And How To Treat It With Eastern Medicine

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    Whether you’re suffering from occasional stomach pain or diarrhea, your digestive woes may be caused from something called leaky gut syndrome (LGS). Basically, it’s like the scapegoat of intestinal problems and western medical practitioners don’t know much about it. That said, more and more research is coming out about it. Apparently, leaky gut syndrome can be an early warning of autoimmune diseases and type I diabetes, and it may even cause mental health issues like anxiety and depression. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re SOL if your gut is giving you problems, though. Fortunately there are some tips & tricks from Eastern medicine that can help get you back on track.

  • Eastern Probiotic Herbs

    Eastern Herbs Vs. Probiotics: Pros, Cons, and Things To Know

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    Is your digestion off? Let’s face it – whether you’re dealing with the occasional stomachache or something more significant, no stomach issue is fun. While probiotics have grown in popularity in the West because of their positive effects for the entire body, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re a one-size fits all solution. In fact, your probiotic levels may already be higher than you think depending on what your diet consists of. Eastern medicine relies on food as medicine and as such, a balanced diet is ideal. That said, there are many Eastern herbs that can help with stomach issues. So, which is right for you – probiotics or herbs? We’ll break it down.

  • 3 East Asian Herbs You Already Have In Your Pantry (And 3 You Need To Get ASAP)

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    If you’re new to Eastern medicine and traditional Chinese therapy, you might think that the herbs and ingredients used in TCM are weird, unfamiliar, and hard to find in your local supermarket. And for some ingredients, you’d absolutely be right! But a lot of people would be surprised to know that many herbs and ingredients from TCM are probably already in their pantry, let alone their grocery store!

  • Turmeric - Immune Boosting Herbs

    Eastern vs Western Perspective: Do Herbs Actually Boost Your Immunity?

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    While both Eastern and Western medicine utilize herbs, they have a slightly different approach and philosophy behind them. Immune-boosting herbs have an exceptional role in fighting off sickness, preventing illness in the first place, and creating an overall sense of well-being, but how do herbs actually boost your immune system? Do they work as well as what TCM suggests? What herbs should you stockpile or run from? Learn more…

  • Signs Of Low Immunity In Eastern Medicine

    4 Surprising Signs Your Immunity Is Low 

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    People usually figure out their immunity is low when it’s too late. Check out these signs to see if your immune system is prepped to keep you healthy

  • Staying Safe & Sane During Covid - Toilet Paper

    Dreading Another COVID Lockdown? Here’s How To Stay Sane and Healthy

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    Remember during the first COVID shutdown when everyone was watching Tiger King and making banana bread? With COVID-19 rates rising, another shutdown is looking more and more likely. Of course, it depends on where you live, but most cities and large towns will probably be facing another round of self-quarantine for up to 6 weeks. Here are a few tips and tricks to get through another quarantine without befriending your volleyball a la Tom Hanks in Castaway.

  • Cold Air And Illness in Eastern Medicine

    Was Mom Right? Can You Get Sick Just From Being Cold?

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    When you were a kid, did your mom ever tell you to bundle up before you go outside in the winter so you don’t catch a cold? Ours did! But does this old wives tale have any truth behind it? Turns out, it depends who you ask. In Western medicine, when it comes to the cold and flu, germs make you sick, not the weather (The germ theory). But, while cold weather may not directly cause you to get sick, there’s evidence that it might make it easier for you to come down with the sniffles.

  • Immunity In Covid

    How Big Of A Role Does Immunity Play in Coronaland?

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    We’ve all heard, read, and seen more about COVID-19 than many of us would have ever wanted to. But as cases continue to rise, many are asking “Is there anything I can do to prevent catching it?!” One of the answers to fighting the daily battle of life in Coronaland can be found in boosting your body’s natural immunity.

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