Gifts That Are Actually Useful

Gifts That Are Actually Useful
November 3, 2020 welleum


And Good For Your Health, Too

Healthy, Cool Gift Ideas

Don’t you hate it when you get gifts that aren’t really right for you? It’s okay. You can admit it. We’ve all received them and likely regifted them. It’s the thought that counts though, right? To help cut down on the gift-giving regret, here’s a list of untraditional (and healthy) gifts that your friends and family will actually appreciate. 

Meditation Classes

We’re all stressed right now. All of us. A good solution? Meditation. It helps improve mental focus, regulates emotions and can also help with restful sleep. Learning to calm your mind can take time, so gift a package to local classes or maybe a subscription based app for those who want it in the palm of their hands. 

Our advice – many yoga studios offer meditation classes, and group or guided meditations. While it’s great to jump into a group class so you can experience the energy of a body of people with a singular intention, many are offering online options currently. Either way, it’s a very powerful experience and can teach you so much about the power of meditation.

Yea, That’s The Spot 

Back Massage

Everyone loves a good massage, but it’s often something we won’t buy for ourselves. Not only do massages feel great, but they can relieve anxiety, reduce muscle tension, and alleviate pain. They also promote relaxation and better sleep! For those in your life who are struggling with a case of the blues, massage can even help to reduce the symptoms of depression.

Most of us are familiar with the classics like deep tissue and Swedish, but there’s a highly therapeutic massage called Tui Na. This staple of TCM is the king of all massages. Practitioners of Tui Na are so in tune with the human body, that they often don’t even ask where you’re feeling pain. Instead, they guide their skilled hands over your muscles, evaluating and then identifying problem spots. They get to work, you leave amazed and feeling like a million bucks. It’s a win-win!

You Are What You Eat

We’re all eating at home more, and many of us are realizing we need to broaden our rolodex of recipes. The good news is that there are a number of options available to make eating a healthy, balanced diet much easier, without having to think about finding a recipe or going to the grocery store. With an abundance of meal delivery services for every dietary preferences available, your loved ones will no longer have an excuse for ordering pizza yet again.

These services all have different benefits and meal options, many of which allow you to choose from a menu of meals. Pro Tip – pick meals that optimize using in season ingredients to help you and those you gift thrive.

Tiny Needles, Please

Give the gift of healing with acupuncture! Studies have shown that acupuncture can be helpful in relieving physical stress, improving poor sleeping habits, addressing old injuries that never fully healed, releasing tight muscles, pregnancy, and others. I think it’s safe to say we all have at LEAST one of those issues…

In case you’re unfamiliar, acupuncture is a big part of Eastern medicine. It is to treat a number of issues including chronic pain, sickness, and disease. Put simply, it uses tiny needles to correct imbalances in organ systems, muscle groups, and lines of energy so the body can heal naturally. To get the full rundown of how and why it works, read more. 

Infrared Sauna 

Did someone say detox? Hello! Sign us up for an infrared sauna package. Infrared saunas are great for a number of reasons. They promote better sleep, weight loss, detoxification, relief from muscle and joint pain, clearer skin and better circulation. That’s a list of goodness that everyone can benefit from. 

The infrared sauna experience is different from a traditional sauna experience because it doesn’t heat the air around you. The infrared lamps heat your body directly. They can also operate at a lower temperature (between 120-140 degrees) so you can get a more intense sweat with less heat. 

Giving gifts you know are actually useful is sure to be a welcome change for those you love and choosing ones that improve their wellness is even better!

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