How Big Of A Role Does Immunity Play in Coronaland?

How Big Of A Role Does Immunity Play in Coronaland?
November 23, 2020 welleum


How Big Of A Role Does It Play?

Immunity In Covid

We’ve all heard, read, and seen more about COVID-19 than many of us would have ever wanted to. But as cases continue to rise, many are asking “Is there anything I can do to prevent catching it?!”

One of the answers to fighting the daily battle of life in Coronaland can be found in boosting your body’s natural immunity. Not only has COVID-19 created a brand new awareness of health and wellness, but many are turning to natural methods of building immunity that can be found in the foods you eat and routines you do everyday!

Understanding COVID-19 & The Role Of Immunity

Coronavirus, Immunity, and Eastern MedicineAs a reminder (as though anyone needed one!) COVID-19 is the disease that is caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. As a new member of the family of coronaviruses – such your everyday common cold – the virus that causes COVID-19 is highly infectious and jumps from individual to individual via respiratory droplets that are released when talking, coughing, sneezing, etc.

When it comes to understanding the role that immunity plays in an infectious virus such as the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, it is important to grasp the world novel. For a virus to be called a “novel disease” it must have characteristics that have never been introduced to the human population. 

With COVID-19 being a new disease – unlike common colds and the seasonal flu – the human body has not had an opportunity to build an immune response to the disease. Instead, when you or someone you love is infected by COVID-19, the virus already has an upper hand in infiltrating your system and attacking your cells.

Never fear! The human body is a miraculous powerhouse that is capable of putting up a pretty good defense on its own. Once a virus begins to attack cells, your body goes into red alert, sending an army of white blood cells to attack the virus. As the white blood cells fight, they gain “knowledge” of the virus’s unique characteristics, and begin to build defenses in your body that can recognize and repel future virus attacks. This is the magic of immunity and immune response!

How Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Is Helping Provide Backup In The Fight

Coronavirus, Immunity, and Traditional Chinese MedicineOne of the reasons that COVID-19 has been so devastating worldwide is due to the human population’s lack of prepared immune response. Without the body’s preparation to fight the virus, it has a sneaky advantage in the fight – infecting and spreading before many of us even show a symptom!

So what hope is there to fight this invisible enemy? The secret weapon is found in building your body’s natural immune strength from the get-go. While there are a variety of methods to help encourage the body’s immune response (sleep, exercise, etc.) many are discovering the magic of an ancient immunity superboost: Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Eastern medicine truly has cornered the market on fighting deadly diseases. In some of the earliest manuscripts in Chinese history, the word “immune” appears. Writings such as Mian Yi Lei Fang’s Formulas for the Immunity from Plague shows how eastern medicinal experts have been finding ways to help people fight back against disease with success hundreds of years before modern medicine came on the scene! The Hippocrates of China, Zhang, Zhong Jing, reportedly lost over 200 family members to epidemic disease, causing him to go into the study of medicine, resulting in the classic text “the Shang Han Lun.” (On Cold Damage) to guide Chinese treatment until this day.

So what can Traditional Chinese Medicine do to help your body fight COVID-19? TCM fights disease and builds immunity with a holistic, all-natural methodology that sees the human body as a whole organism made up of intricate and interconnected parts. 

This means that in order to fight a symptom one must boost the strength of the whole body. Combining the power of the body’s qi (vital energy), blood, body fluids, and meridians, a holistic diet and herbal supplement regimen has been shown to bring the body’s equilibrium into balance and boost your power to ward off even novel diseases!

Boosting Your Qi With TCM

Coronavirus, Immunity, and Traditional Chinese Medicine - ReishiAre you ready to start putting Traditional Chinese Medicine to work in your own immune system? The key to success is building the three types of qi that are essential to the body’s immunity: 

Wei Qi

The body’s general immune defense is called Wei Qi. This general protection is built up and strengthened by the health and vitality of all other Qis in the body – including Ying Qi and Yuan Qi.

Ying Qi

Any nutrition that provides energy to your body is known as Ying Qi. This is one of the most vital elements to TCM – building a routine of healthy, body-friendly foods, drinks, and herbal supplements that are designed to boost your Wei Qi.

Yuan Qi

Yuan Qi is the variety of energies that are produced from the kidneys – the body’s main source of cleansing power for the blood and other liquids. A healthy Yuan Qi can help ensure that your blood is highly oxygenated and that your circulation is moving at a proper pace.

Want to get started using the power of TCM to help your body fight off COVID-19 and any other future illnesses? You can start building your Wei Qi immune response right now by taking a close look at both your shopping list and your current regimen with herbal supplements. 

Consider adding powerful immune-boosting foods such as garlic, ginger, onions, and medicinal mushrooms to your meals to provide natural antioxidants and antihistamines to your body. Ginger and garlic are some of the best ways to add a little daily boost of Qi to your entire body when you cook or drink tea! Throw a few shiitake, maitake, or reishi mushrooms into your meals as well to boost your body’s powerhouse.

Traditional Chinese Medicine takes the power and wisdom of thousands of years of eastern knowledge and experience and combines them with all-natural sources of health and wellness. In Coronaland, it is more important than ever to ensure that you body is prepared to handle anything that comes its way – including viruses, stress, and much more. Simple steps today can make a huge difference when it comes to navigating this crazy world!

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