4 Must-Have Products to Help You Cultivate Mindfulness

4 Must-Have Products to Help You Cultivate Mindfulness
June 18, 2020 welleum


To Cultivate Mindfulness

Cultivate Mindfulness

“Mindfulness? I can’t even focus on everything I need to.” That’s what most people think about taking the extra time to meditate or be mindful, but it’s also proof that you probably need to make the mental space for yourself.

Mindfulness is all about bringing us out of the chaos and hustle of our busy lives (and minds) and zeroing in on the present moment. It helps to reduce anxiety and stress, boost focus, and help us live in the present instead of worrying about the past or future. The good news is that there are a ton of ways to practice mindfulness. Some of the most popular techniques are meditation, breathing exercises, yoga and tai chi, writing, affirmations and gratitude exercises, and spending time in nature. 

In Eastern Medicine, mindfulness is woven into all elements of daily living. Cutting out multi-tasking to focus on slowly and mindfully enjoying meals is a common suggestion for those suffering from digestive or energy issues. Mindfulness with the intention of maintaining a positive outlook on life has also been prescribed to many people suffering from mental health conditions or patients facing surgery or chronic diseases. 

Whether you’re looking to boost your immune system or create a happier mental state, starting your mindfulness habits can take time. Creating a consistent routine with the mindful activities of your choice is a key place to start. If you find yourself struggling or want even deeper spiritual challenges, there are mindfulness products of all kinds on the market today to help you out. These are our top four favorite products to help you better cultivate a mindful life today. 

Do One Thing Every Day That Centers You: A Mindfulness Journal

Do One Thing Journal For MeditationSo meditation isn’t really your thing, but you’ve got a way with words. Journaling can be a soothing and clarifying way to practice mindfulness. The ‘Do One Thing Every Day That Centers You’ makes mindfulness easy and fun (and takes out the old “but what do I write about?” problem). Designed to guide you through an entire year of mindful living, this journal is peppered with mindful prompts and inspirational quotes for only $7.39.

If these prompts don’t get your creative juices flowing, who knows what will. One of the motivating elements of this product is that you can reference your previous mindful moments throughout the year. This allows for a visual expression of the progress you make and can help you to set new goals and watch your daily intentions and affirmations evolve. This is a great journal to start or end your day with to help you process your cluttered thoughts and establish your priorities for the day to come. After all, writing our goals down makes us more likely to achieve them.

Color Me F*cking Calm: Swear Words to Color and Display 

Color Me Calm MindfulnessSometimes, nothing feels quite as good as letting out a satisfying string of curse words, right? Take a new spin on moving meditations. Instead of walking meditations or focusing on a moving flame, lean in to repeating basic movements and creating simple patterns. Working on a simple task can sometimes be the best way to create a sense of calm on busy days. Color Me F*cking Calm: Swear Words to Color and Display adult coloring book is only $8.99 at Barnes & Noble. Just be sure your coloring book doesn’t get mixed in with your kiddo’s! 

Inside you’ll find 30 colorful curse-word-inspired pages for you to decorate to your heart’s content. Each page is cleverly designed to combine the stress release of swearing with the relaxing motions of coloring. As you focus on the work of coloring, you can revisit your daily intentions and affirmations, or work to clear your mind of distracting thoughts completely. This is a great coloring book for the home or office, or to bring along on your travels.

Spinner Ring 

Spinner Ring For MindfulnessAdd some bling to your mindful practices! Just because we’re focusing on getting zen, doesn’t mean we can’t look cute while we do it. Sometimes daily mindfulness is made easier with a special physical object designated to help bring us back to the present moment. Some people have a small rock or shell they keep in their pocket, or a photo or quote on the desk. Every time they touch or look at their chosen mindfulness object, it inspires a moment to refocus on their intentions and express gratitude for the moment they’re currently in. 

If you’re looking for a more stylish way to carry your mindfulness object with you everywhere, consider a piece of jewelry like a spinner ring. These steel rings have two layers, the base, which rests against your finger and an inner second layer that rotates. Similarly to fidget spinners and cubes, these rings can be fiddled with throughout the day to help recenter the mind. These unisex spinner rings from Amazon are only $10.99 and come in gold, silver, black, and colored options. 

Spire Stone: Stress Management and Activity Tracker 

Spire Stone For MindfulnessClocking in at a $274.99 investment, the Spire Stone is by far one of the more expensive mindfulness products on the market, but it comes with high-tech features that you may find worth the cost. There are a lot of health trackers on the market, but the Spire Stone aims to achieve a more holistic result as the tracker for the body and the mind. This small stone-like device clips to your belt or bra and tracks your breath rate and patterns, steps and calories, and your levels of calm, focus, and tension throughout the day. 

This data is then used by the Spire Stone to send custom mindfulness reminders throughout the day, and in-the moment alerts to help you reduce stress before it even happens. In the app you can access all your data in addition to breathing exercises and meditations. On a single charge, the Spire Stone can last for up to 10-days of use. For fans of smart technology or those looking to achieve physical and mental health goals quickly, the Spire Stone could be the assist you’re looking for. 

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