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  • Eastern Medicine Remedies For Holiday Stress - Gingerbread

    Recover From Holiday Stress & Overeating Naturally With Eastern Medicine

    in Condition Related, General Wellness, Seasonal, TCM / / 0 comments

    Holidays are stressful, and everyone knows it. Add in the overeating, and most of us are a hot mess come January. Thankfully, we’ve got some natural tips to help get you back to (and possibly better than) your normal self. From herbal remedies to energy work, check out these Eastern medicine based techniques for relieving all that stress.

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  • Chinese Beauty Foods For Your Face

    Put That Where? Foods You Wouldn’t Think To Put On Your Skin, But Should!

    in Beauty, General Wellness / / 0 comments

    Oh, the battle to reclaim the youthful vibrancy of your skin that time has stolen. However, what if the answer to smooth skin wasn’t the latest product on store shelves –  but rather the ancient wisdom that has led thousands to unlock the keys to youth in unexpected ways? For thousands of years, men and women have discovered the secret weapon for fighting aging through the mysteriously practical art of Eastern medicine.

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  • How To Destress Naturally

    6 Tips to Deal With Stress Naturally

    in General Wellness / / 0 comments

    Stress is pretty much unavoidable in the modern day, especially lately. And while we all know it’s bad for us, how does it affect you, exactly? It can cause a host of issues, including everything from memory loss to depression and anxiety. While we could dive into the different types of stress and how we each have different triggers and sources of stress in our lives, learning how to deal with stress is just as helpful.

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  • Energy Follows Intention

    Energy Follows Intention

    in General Wellness / / 0 comments

    The idea of setting intentions and repeating affirmations to influence how we feel (how positive or negative our energy is) has become wildly popular over the past few years. But what does it all mean? And does it really work?

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