• New Year's Resolutions In Eastern Medicine

    3 Eastern Medicine New Year’s Resolutions For 2021

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    How long does it usually take you to ditch your New Year’s resolutions? While they’re made with good intentions, life gets in the way! We miss a kickboxing class because a meeting ran late, or we stay up late finishing a project and need that latte or risk being a zombie at work. So here are our suggestions for Eastern Medicine inspired New Year’s Resolutions for 2021 that you might actually stick to.

  • Root Vegetables - Chinese Medicine Winter Foods

    Winter Foods To Keep Your Body In Tip-Top Shape

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    The days are shorter, and the cold is closing in. TCM winter foods are exactly what you should be eating for an energizing diet this time of year. They keep your skin looking fresh by adding hydration-packed nourishment, and they infuse your organs with magic. Well, not really magic, but the perfect combination of ingredients to keep you healthy during the cold. Let’s talk about what Eastern medicine thinks about eating with the seasons and managing your diet in the winter.

  • Eastern Medicine Remedies For Holiday Stress - Gingerbread

    Recover From Holiday Stress & Overeating Naturally With Eastern Medicine

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    Holidays are stressful, and everyone knows it. Add in the overeating, and most of us are a hot mess come January. Thankfully, we’ve got some natural tips to help get you back to (and possibly better than) your normal self. From herbal remedies to energy work, check out these Eastern medicine based techniques for relieving all that stress.

  • Cold Air And Illness in Eastern Medicine

    Was Mom Right? Can You Get Sick Just From Being Cold?

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    When you were a kid, did your mom ever tell you to bundle up before you go outside in the winter so you don’t catch a cold? Ours did! But does this old wives tale have any truth behind it? Turns out, it depends who you ask. In Western medicine, when it comes to the cold and flu, germs make you sick, not the weather (The germ theory). But, while cold weather may not directly cause you to get sick, there’s evidence that it might make it easier for you to come down with the sniffles.

  • Natural Prep For Winter With Eastern Medicine - Cold Woman

    Natural Ways To Prep For Winter

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    In the blink of an eye, the sun began to set sooner, the leaves changed clothes, and we all started praying that our pre-pandemic winter clothes still fit following lockdown. While the winter may not be your favorite season, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to create new habits and routines that help you prepare your body, mind, and soul for the winter months. Borrowing from the magical world of traditional eastern medicine, here are some of our favorite methods for preparing for a cozy winter.

  • Summertime Sun

    Survive Summertime & Sun – A Holistic Approach

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    Summer’s almost here, and depending on where you live, you might be feeling the heat already. If you love the warm weather, then that’s probably your cue to swap out your jeans for boardshorts and hit the beach (or the nearest swimming pool). But, before you dive into that sweet summer mindset, you should prepare your body and mind with these TCM tips so you can stay healthy in the heat!

  • Spring On The Grass

    6 Tips for a Happy & Healthy Spring

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    Time to break out breezy fabrics and ditch the thick socks…spring is in full effect! In eastern medicine, each season brings more than just environmental shifts. There are unique energetic influences affecting the way we feel, what we eat, and health issues to protect against. Follow these holistic guidelines to thrive this spring the natural way. 

  • Roasted Asparagus

    5 Feel-Good Spring Recipes

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    The best part about spring? Fresh fruits and veggies are back in season! In TCM, spring is a time of new life and growth. What better way to welcome the newness of the season than with feel-good food? 

  • Collar Bone

    How changing seasons affect your body and ways to cope

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    Have you ever noticed that when the sunny summer days drift away that you start to move a little slower? Even if you’re excited for a little sweater weather, getting out of bed can be more difficult and finding the motivation to go outside on gloomier days can be nearly impossible. So, as the cold, blustery air moves in, here are a few TCM approved ways to cope.

  • Woman in Jeans On Floor

    Natural Ways to Be More Positive this Winter

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    The days get shorter, the cold whisks in and chills you to the bone, and you? You might just feel like hibernating until the seasons change again. Winter blues. They’re real. While this phrase may sound like just another old wives tale, we’ve learned that the winter blues affect many people every year.

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