• Root Vegetables - Chinese Medicine Winter Foods

    Winter Foods To Keep Your Body In Tip-Top Shape

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    The days are shorter, and the cold is closing in. TCM winter foods are exactly what you should be eating for an energizing diet this time of year. They keep your skin looking fresh by adding hydration-packed nourishment, and they infuse your organs with magic. Well, not really magic, but the perfect combination of ingredients to keep you healthy during the cold. Let’s talk about what Eastern medicine thinks about eating with the seasons and managing your diet in the winter.

  • Chinese Beauty Foods For Your Face

    Put That Where? Foods You Wouldn’t Think To Put On Your Skin, But Should!

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    Oh, the battle to reclaim the youthful vibrancy of your skin that time has stolen. However, what if the answer to smooth skin wasn’t the latest product on store shelves –  but rather the ancient wisdom that has led thousands to unlock the keys to youth in unexpected ways? For thousands of years, men and women have discovered the secret weapon for fighting aging through the mysteriously practical art of Eastern medicine.

  • Fix Dark Under Eye Circles With Eastern Medicine

    Sick Of Those Dark Circles Under Your Eyes? Eastern Medicine Can Help

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    Dark circles under the eyes are the bane of any woman’s (or man’s) existence. They make you face appear dark and sullen, and they definitely don’t add that vibrant or youthful glow that everyone seems to want. While often a dead giveaway for lack of sleep, the reason why we experience dark circles under the eyes is often due to a combination of factors and how that’s viewed in the East and in the West can be quite different…

  • Eastern Medicine Bath

    The Art Of A Well Drawn Bath

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    Do you look forward to a good soak in a hot bath? Well, keep that habit up, because bathing — or more specifically, hydrotherapy — has great health benefits for your body. Hydrotherapy is a form of alternative medicine used to treat conditions like inflammation and chronic pain. While the health benefits of a hot bath are nothing new, not everyone realizes what all you can do for your body with a tub of hot (or cold) water. 

  • Essential Oils For Beauty

    Get Holistic Beauty Radiance With Essential Oils

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    Essential oils are mega popular for keeping your home smelling fresh (and covering up the fact that your dog is way overdue for a bath). But what makes these oils so…essential? High-quality essential oils actually contain the essence of medicinal herbs, and include the natural benefits drawn from them.

  • Eastern Medicine Skincare Tips

    Get Flawless Skin with Eastern Medicine

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    We’re breaking down everything you need to know about Eastern Medicine in skincare. From topical treatments to diet and lifestyle changes, here’s everything you need to know about getting flawless skin the TCM way.

  • Green Tea Face Mask

    7 Beauty Products Eastern Medicine Gurus Swear By

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    Let’s cut to the chase, ladies (because let’s be real, we’re not getting any younger here) – Chinese beauty gurus have been ahead of the trends for hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of years. So what’s the secret to youthful, acne-free, radiant skin? We’ve rounded up 7 of the best and most effective Eastern Medicine beauty secrets of the summer.

  • Collagen in TCM

    Collagen is All the Rage – Here’s What You Need to Know

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    These days, we’ll do whatever it takes to preserve our youthful skin. This process might include creams, tinctures, or maybe a facial at a spa. But one of the new hit trends, collagen, is actually one of the oldest tricks of TCM.

  • Herbal Face Scrubs

    7 Herbal Face Scrubs for Better Skin

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    Yeah, beauty is pain, but it’s not supposed to feel like rubbing sandpaper on your face. If you tried that new skin scrub expecting a rejuvenating facial but ended up with raw, red, and worse looking skin than what you started with, we feel your pain. With the hundreds of exfoliating options out there, though, how are we supposed to know which ones are actually going to fix our skin? 

  • Pug Face

    Got Wrinkles? Here’s Why Your Kidneys Could be to Blame

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    Noticing some fine lines in the mirror? Wrinkles can seem to pop up overnight, causing us to wonder how we suddenly got so old. But time isn’t the only suspect. ..

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