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  • 3 East Asian Herbs You Already Have In Your Pantry (And 3 You Need To Get ASAP)

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    If you’re new to Eastern medicine and traditional Chinese therapy, you might think that the herbs and ingredients used in TCM are weird, unfamiliar, and hard to find in your local supermarket. And for some ingredients, you’d absolutely be right! But a lot of people would be surprised to know that many herbs and ingredients from TCM are probably already in their pantry, let alone their grocery store!

  • Overthinking Remedies in Eastern Medicine

    Hey Overthinker! Get Rid Of Your Racing Thoughts with Eastern Medicine

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    Let’s face it, overthinking is pretty common. And it’s really hard to deal with! In Western medicine, we give names like “anxiety” and “insomnia” to problems related to racing thoughts and overthinking. But being told that you have insomnia or anxiety doesn’t do much to actually help you with your problem. Eastern medicine approaches things a little differently. Instead of naming the results of your overthinking, Eastern medicine looks at the root problem–your racing thoughts and overactive mind.

  • Herbs for Spleen

    Spleen Health 101: The Best Herbs For A Healthy Spleen

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    Pop quiz–do you know what your Spleen is and what it does? If you said that it was a moon shaped organ that filters your blood, you’d be right. It also works as part of your immune system, hunting down and fighting off bacteria and germs that could get you sick. But if you said that the Spleen was way more than just an organ that filters blood and kills germs, you’d also be right! In Eastern medicine, the Spleen does so much more than digest your food and maintain your immunity.

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