9 Herbs For Self-Love

9 Herbs For Self-Love
June 16, 2021 welleum

9 Herbs For Self-Love


Cheesy-Sounding Or Not, It Should Be A Top Priority

Eastern Medicine Herbs For Self Love

Not to sound like a cheesy self-help book, but self-love is so important. It’s not just for new-age hippies–it’s for everyone! In western culture, we’re taught to be very hard on ourselves. We strive for perfection, and when we fall short, it can be hard not to be super critical.

But there’s bad news–perfectionism can literally hurt you. Perfectionists have higher rates of chronic pain and issues like fibromyalgia. Being self-critical is also strongly related to high levels of stress, which tends to lead to chronic illness.

Moral of the story? We could all use a little more self love in our life. So here’s some herbs that will help you take care of your body and mind.

9 Herbs To Help You Show Yourself Some Love

Love Potions

There’s lots of ways to show love, and sex is just one of them. But sex has lots of other benefits, too. Hitting the sheets can boost your immunity, get rid of a headache, and even help your mental health. Here are some herbs to help you get in the mood by relaxing your nerves and upping your circulation.


Saffron in Eastern MedicineIt’s the most expensive spice in the whole world. But it might just be worth its weight in gold, if you’re looking to get frisky. 

Studies have found that it’s incredibly effective at fighting mental health issues like anxiety and depression–in fact, it’s just as good as prescription meds without the nasty side effects! But what does that have to do with sex? Well, mental health issues like anxiety and low-self esteem can cause erectile dysfunction and low libido in women. That’s because depression and anxiety mess with our brain’s neurotransmitters, which create chemicals that make us happy, relaxed, and yes, horny. So better mental health means better sex.


Damiana, also known as Turnera diffusa, is an ancient aphrodisiac that’s native to South America and the Carribean. People have been using it to spice up their bedrooms for hundred of years, and studies show that it might help men shorten their reuptake period and improve the feeling of sex for women. It is especially useful for loss of libido due to anxiety. A word of warning: if you have diabetes, don’t take Damiana without talking to your doctor first, as it can lower your blood sugar.


Chinese Ginger | Sheng Jiang

Ginger is used in TCM as a treatment for lots of different problems, including poor digestion, low attention span, and nausea. But it also helps to boost circulation, making it a great aphrodisiac. This might be because it helps to lower blood sugar, which in turn helps your blood flow better. A study from 2017 found it might even be useful for helping with male impotence!

Heart Help

When you get anxious, does it ever feel like your heart hurts or is being squeezed? Well you can show your heart a little TLC with herbs that work as nervines to calm us down and help us manage stress. The more relaxed you are, the better your heart will feel!


Kava Kava RootKava Kava, sometimes just called Kava, is a traditional anxiety remedy that works by regulating the levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in your brain. GABA helps to calm brain activity, making it easier to relax. According to one study, 60% of the participants who tried Kava as an anxiety treatment went into full remission. So instead of popping a Xanax, try some Kava Kava. Just make sure not to take Kava that’s extracted with hexane, as that can be bad for you. It has an earthy but numbing taste.


Passionflower has been used in South America as an anxiety treatment since before European explorers even arrived. Like Kava, Passionflower helps to regulate GABA levels, making us relaxed and even promoting sleep. It’s just as effective as benzodiazepine for anxiety, and it’s totally natural. So when your heart needs a break from anxiety, try some passionflower.

Love Charms

Adaptogens are a type of herb that helps our bodies deal with stress. They’ve been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to help with sleep, mood, physical endurance, and even regulating hormone levels to boost fertility. Here are some adaptogenic herbs that will help you handle stress and balance your hormones.


Maca in Eastern MedicineMaca is an adaptogenic herb with a strong, earthy, bitter taste. But it’s worth fighting past that taste because it has so many nutritional benefits! Researchers have found that it can boost your libido if you take it regularly, plus it improves men’s semen quality for those looking to conceive.

But Maca isn’t just helpful for a roll in the hay. It can also balance hormone levels like estrogen. That means it’s a great natural treatment for menopausal women dealing with issues like hot flashes and waking up in the middle of the night. Plus, it’s a well-proven mood-booster. So whether you want to kickstart your libido, regulate your hormones, or just be happier, maca can help with that.


Shatavari is an adaptogen from the asparagus family that is chock full of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. In Ayurvedic medicine, it’s often used as a sort of antidepressant, and research has backed up this claim.

Shatavari is sometimes called “she who has a hundred husbands,” thanks to its association with fertility. It helps regulate womens’ hormones thanks to the two compounds, shatavarin and sarsasapogenin. These balance estrogen and progesterone in your body, which can help with fertility, PMS symptoms, and menopause.

Heart Healers

Now that your sex drive, mood, and hormones have all been taken care of, it’s time to give some love to your heart. This organ is arguably one of the most important ones in the body, and it works all day every day. So here are some herbs to help your heart do its job better for longer.


Hawthorn in Eastern MedicineIn TCM, Hawthorn berries are often used for indigestion, high blood pressure, and heart failure.  That’s because they are a vasodilator, which means they help to relax constricted blood vessels. This lowers blood pressure, which makes it easier for your heart to do its job. Hawthorn berries also lower the level of blood fats in your vein, which can reduce the likelihood of heart failure by decreasing bad cholesterol

In fact, Hawthorn is so well-known for it’s heart healthy benefits that many western doctors use it alongside modern medicine for their patients with heart failure. It helps improve your heart function and physical stamina and may even reduce the chances of a heart attack! Plus it is tasty enough for a functional jam.


Did you know that roses bear fruit? Well, kind of. Some types of roses grow rose hips which can be made into a delicate floral tea, along with the dried rosebuds. 

Since roses are the most romantic flower, it may come as no surprise that they are so good for the heart! That’s because they’re packed to the brim with antioxidants, which are known to be good for your heart. They can lower your blood pressure, boosting the blood flow to your heart.

But that’s not all. Rosehip is also high in Vitamin C, and researchers have found a link between low levels of Vitamin C and a higher risk of dying from heart disease. Plus, boosting your Vitamin C intake can lower bad cholesterol that might cause heart disease.

Remember, no one deserves your love more than you! So why not give your body and mind the many benefits of these lovely herbs?

Here is a heart-loving tea that you can try:

½ c rose buds

¼ c rose hips

¼ c hawthorn berries

2 tbsp shatavari

2 tbsp kava kava

1 tsp. saffron stamens

¼ c maca

½ tsp dried ginger

Honey or Lakanto lo han guo  to taste

Mix the dry ingredients and store in a jar.  For each cup of tea use 1 Tsp of tea in 8 oz. of boiling water.  Let steep for 15 minutes and add honey or lo han guo  to taste.

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