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  • Eastern Medicine Herbs For Self Love

    9 Herbs For Self-Love

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    OK we get it, “self-love” sounds cheesy. We’re not trying to be a self-help book, but self-love is actually super important. It’s not just for new-age hippies–it’s for everyone! In western culture, we’re taught to be very hard on ourselves. We strive for perfection, and when we fall short, it can be hard not to be super critical. But there’s bad news–perfectionism can literally hurt you. Perfectionists have higher rates of chronic pain and issues like fibromyalgia. Being self-critical is also strongly related to high levels of stress, which tends to lead to chronic illness. So here’s some herbs that will help you take care of your body and mind.

  • Transition From Spring To Summer With Eastern Medicine - Palms

    4 Tips From Eastern Medicine To Help You Transition From Spring To Summer

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    Who’s ready for summer? June 22 marks the first day of summer, but the transition from spring starts a little bit earlier. As the days get even warmer and longer, you can feel the changeover begin. But how do you make the most of this time of transition and change? We pulled together some Eastern medicine wisdom to give you 4 tips for transitioning from spring to summer in a safe, healthy, and fun way.

  • Natural Hangover Remedies From Eastern Medicine

    Holiday Hangovers: Treat Naturally With Traditional Chinese Medicine

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    Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rumchata. Raise your hand if you plan to knock back a few cocktails this holiday season, because 2020 amirite? Who are we kidding, every holiday deserves a festive libation or three but this year things may feel a little more “extra” than usual. Nobody wants to do the walk of shame to the sofa with a migraine after a long night of drinks so here’s a few ideas to make sure you are feeling fairly close to 100 the day after. 

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