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  • Women’s Health Formulas

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  • Find Your Women’s Issue Formula

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  • Eastern Medicine For Women In Their 30's

    Eastern Medicine Tips For Women In Their 30’s

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    In ancient Chinese text, Huang Di Nei Jing says that a woman’s Qi, your vital energy, moves in seven-year cycles. By the age of seven, a young girl’s Qi is overflowing – manifesting itself through the growth of hair and permanent teeth. At fourteen, the life-force of Qi causes the onset of puberty (we don’t have to explain THAT!) and through her furtive 20’s, a woman’s body flourishes. But when a woman reaches about age 35, her Qi reaches its summit.

  • TCM For Female Issues

    TCM For Female Related Issues

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    TCM has an in-depth grasp of women’s health and offers holistic and all-natural methods to support them through all life phases. TCM recognizes the particular difficulties women confront throughout menstruation, pregnancy, perimenopause, and menopause and offers herbal treatments, acupuncture, and lifestyle suggestions to support hormonal balance, general well-being, and vitality.

  • TCM Teas For Excessive Heat

    TCM Teas for Excessive Heat

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    In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the concept of excess heat plays a significant role in understanding imbalances within the body and the environment. Excess heat can arise from various factors, including the seasons, weather conditions, indoor environments, hormonal imbalances, stagnation, diet and illnesses. By recognizing these influences and their effects on the body, TCM provides a comprehensive approach to restoring balance and promoting well-being. In this blog, we explore how excess heat is perceived in TCM, its diverse origins, and the traditional Chinese teas that can help address each type of excess heat.

  • Infertility and TCM

    Infertility Treatments With TCM

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    If you’ve been struggling with infertility, you’re not alone. In fact, infertility is a common issue affecting around 15% of couples trying to conceive during their reproductive years. If Western medicine tactics haven’t helped, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) may have a solution for you. Let’s dive into how TCM can assist with infertility issues. 

  • Signs Your Body and Mind Need a Break From a TCM Perspective

    Signs Your Body and Mind Need A Break

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    We all deserve a break once in a while, but sometimes we wait too long. Ignoring the signs from your body that it’s time for a break won’t do you any good. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, everything in the body is connected, and your body will give you clues when it’s time to rest. Let’s look at some signs you may need to take a break according to Chinese medicine.

  • How To Stay Balanced While Working Remotely

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    Qigong is a modality that’s been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The goal of this practice is to harmonize the energy within the mind, body and spirit. While qigong was developed almost 4,000 years ago, it can still change your life today. Combining the elements and practicing qigong daily can provide many mental and physical health benefits. Let’s get into it. 

  • Why Acupuncture Is On The Rise

    Why Acupuncture Is On The Rise

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    In Eastern medicine, a certain part of the mouth can speak volumes about a patient’s health. The tongue can be used as an accurate diagnostic tool to tell you about your health and identify treatments that will best suit your body’s needs.

  • Must-Have PMS Teas and Tinctures

    Teas and Tinctures For Your Period

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    Aunt Flow is here. It’s that time of the month. The crimson tide has arrived. It’s shark week!

    Whatever you call it, your period has arrived. That means you probably need a way to ease your symptoms, get some energy back, and make it through the week like the boss babe you are.

    When Midol doesn’t cut it, TCM has your back.

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