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  • Arthritis Treatments In Eastern Medicine

    What To Know About Arthritis and TCM: Symptoms, Diagnoses, and Treatments

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    Feeling achy and stiff? Maybe you have a wonky knee that acts up when it’s raining, or your wrist tends to hurt when you’ve been typing all day. If you’re familiar with arthritis, then you know that western doctors can’t always offer much help. Generally, most Western medical practitioners try to treat arthritis with painkillers, anti-inflammatories, and physical therapy. Luckily, Eastern medicine has been treating arthritis and joint pain for centuries, so it’s a great option for someone looking to work alongside or instead of western treatments.

  • Eastern Medicine Sleep Schedule Natural Alarm Clock

    Why To Get An Eastern Medicine Sleep Routine STAT 

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    A good night’s rest is one thing we can sometimes take for granted, but after a couple of nights of lackluster snoozing, you’ll likely be grumpy, lacking focus, and feeling pretty blah. Instead of waiting until you’re desperate for zzzs, take a look at how Eastern medicine preps you for getting consistently good sleep…

  • Moxibustion For Colds

    What’s Up With Moxibustion?

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    Have you ever walked into an acupuncture office and noticed a unique smokey smell? That’s the result of a TCM practice known as moxibustion. And while it may smell (and look) unusual, it can have lots of benefits for both your physical and mental health.

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