4 Eastern Medicine Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

4 Eastern Medicine Beauty Hacks That Actually Work
April 5, 2021 welleum


From Rice Water To Pearl Powder, These Are Must-Trys

Gua Sha - Eastern Medicine Beauty Hacks

Have you noticed that lately Korean and Japanese skincare has been all the rage? That’s because in Asia, flawless, plump, healthy skin is the most important thing you can wear. For centuries, Asian women have been perfecting their skincare routines, so Asian beauty companies are really ahead of the game.

But skincare isn’t the only beauty must-have to come out of the East. We pulled together some of our favorite beauty hacks from Eastern medicine so you can have a major quarantine glow-up.

4 Eastern Medicine Beauty Hacks You Need To Know

Roll It Out

Gua Sha - Eastern Medicine Beauty HacksIf you’re on Tik Tok, you probably have seen jade rollers and Gua Sha everywhere. And even if you’re not on Gen Z’s favorite app, you might have heard of these skincare saviors from A-list celebs like Courtney Cox and Gwyneth Paltrow.

So what’s all the hype about? Well, jade rollers and Gua Sha scrapers are skincare tools that originated in China which have made their way across the west. Originally used to prevent heatstroke and rid the body of seasonal toxins, these tools are now touted as must-haves for your at-home spa experience and daily skincare routine.

That’s because when we use the tools to massage our faces in outward and upward strokes, we help our bodies drain the fluid in our face that causes puffiness and even inflammation. These tools can also help boost our circulation and Qi flow to keep our skin healthy and glowing. In fact, one study found that Gua Sha techniques increase microcirculation by 400%! A nice facial massage with a jade roller or Gua Sha scraper can also help release muscle tension in our faces to prevent wrinkles from forming. 

Just remember to always apply plenty of facial oil before you start your facial massage. You don’t want to pull the skin too much, because that can actually stretch out your skin. Instead, you want the tools to glide smoothly over your face.

Don’t Toss Your Rice Water

Rice Water - Eastern Medicine Beauty HacksRice water–the liquid that’s left after you soak your rice before cooking it–has been used for thousands of years as a treatment for both the hair and skin in Japan, China, and Korea. And best of all, you can make it at home for cheap!

The Beauty Benefits of Rice Water

First, let’s go over some of the benefits of rice water before we break down how to use it.:

  • Sun Damage: Rice wine (aka fermented rice water) helps soothe the skin if you stay out in the sun too long. It eases skin damage and boosts collagen for younger, smoother skin.
  • Dark Spots: Rice water is chock-full of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins B and E, so it’s great for anti aging and helping to get rid of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.
  • Repair Damage: Rice water has  something called inositol in it which helps to repair damaged hair from the inside out. So if you’ve bleached your hair one too many times, rice water will help get it healthy again.
  • Fight Frizz: rice water helps boost your hair’s elasticity and prevent breakage so you can ditch the frizz.

How To Make Rice Water

Luckily, making rice water is really easy and affordable. All you need is a cup of rice and a cup of water.

First, rinse the rice to make sure any dirt and impurities are washed off. Then, soak the rice in the water for about an hour. After you combine the rice and water, stir it up until the water becomes cloudy. When the hour is up, drain the water from the rice into a covered container and place it in the fridge. And voila, you have rice water!

Sip Away The Zits

Green Tea - Eastern Medicine Beauty HacksGreen tea is a staple drink in Asia, and for good reason. It’s filled to the brim with vitamins and nutrients to keep you healthy inside and out. Thanks to its high levels of antioxidants, green tea can even help prevent cancer, including skin cancer by repairing sun damage.

When it comes to the skin, green tea is a natural superfood–or superdrink, rather. That’s because it’s got a particular type of antioxidant known as EGCG that fights the aging process by repairing and renewing your skin cells, making you look younger and healthier. It’s also got anti-inflammatory properties that will zap away redness and sooth irritate acne. According to one study, green tea can even help prevent acne before it happens by decreasing your skin’s oil production. And thanks to the Vitamin E it contains, green tea helps to moisturize your face, keeping it nourished and smooth.

So trade in your afternoon coffee for a green tea and your complexion will thank you.

Glow Up With Pearl Powder

Pearl Powder - Eastern Medicine Beauty HacksIf you want your face to be as smooth and glowy as a pearl, then you have to go to the source. Pearl powder, which is simply ground up pearls, is an old TCM secret for gorgeous, luminous skin.

Pearl powder, which is super smooth and fine, has plenty of beauty-boosting properties. It’s full of amino acids, which help increase your skin’s collagen production, and calcium which helps speed up your skin cell turnover and lock in moisture.

And pearl powder isn’t just good for your skin–it’s got plenty of health benefits, especially for problems related to aging. Studies show it can also help speed up wound healing.

You can add a pinch of pearl powder to your smoothie or protein shake a few times a week to reap the benefits. 

Mother of pearl powder can be used the same way.

These beauty hacks have been used for hundreds of years in Japan, China, and Korea to keep people’s skin and hair healthy and beautiful. Try them out for yourself and see why they’ve stuck around for so long!

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