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  • Gut Health in Eastern Medicine

    IBS: The Eastern Medicine Approach

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    If you’re one of the 10 to 15% of Americans suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or you think you’re experiencing symptoms, then you’re probably well aware that there’s no surefire cure. But that doesn’t mean you have to just deal with — there’s a lot you can do to reduce symptoms so you can keep living your life to the fullest.

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  • Buck The Smoothie Trend

    How To Buck The Smoothie Culture Trend

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    Here’s a harsh truth: Smoothies are exceptionally delicious, but they can be deceitfully bad for you. For starters, they’re high in sugar, and since smoothies are liquids, you get the calorie intake without the benefit of feeling full. That doesn’t bode well if your end goal is to lose weight. So does that mean you should shun smoothies forever? Not necessarily. Read on to learn more about smoothies and how, with some moderation and effort, you can still enjoy them and stay healthy. 

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  • Herbal Tea

    Curb Your Coffee Habit: How & Why to Switch to Tea

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    Around 90 percent of Americans consume at least 300 milligrams of caffeine everyday, making it the most widespread addiction in the nation. While addiction may sound like a strong word to use when talking about coffee, the reality is your body does become dependent on it, and cutting out the habit can be tough. Read on to learn more about the health benefits of switching from coffee to tea and how you can make the transition seamlessly — without the headache. 

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  • Summertime Sun

    Survive Summertime & Sun – A Holistic Approach

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    Summer’s almost here, and depending on where you live, you might be feeling the heat already. If you love the warm weather, then that’s probably your cue to swap out your jeans for boardshorts and hit the beach (or the nearest swimming pool). But, before you dive into that sweet summer mindset, you should prepare your body and mind with these TCM tips so you can stay healthy in the heat!

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  • Winter Foods To Keep Your Body In Tip-Top Shape

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    The days are shorter, and the cold is closing in. TCM winter foods are exactly what you should be eating for an energizing diet this time of year. They keep your skin looking fresh by adding hydration-packed nourishment, and they infuse your organs with magic. Well, not really magic, but the perfect combination of ingredients to keep you healthy during the cold. Let’s talk about what Eastern medicine thinks about eating with the seasons and managing your diet in the winter.

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  • Eastern Medicine For Chapped Lips

    Eternally Chapped Lips? Here Are Some Natural Solutions

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    Are your lips perpetually chapped? If so, you’ve probably run the gamut when it comes to chapstick. But really, chapstick isn’t doing that much to keep your lips moist in the long run. If anything, chapstick is a great temporary measure to keep your lips from cracking, but if you’re constantly greasing up your mouth, there’s a chance you may have deeper health issues at work. 

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  • Post Corona Travel – Natural Prep Before, During & After

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    Excessive time indoors definitely triggers your wanderlust, and with all the quarantining and social distancing going on, you’re probably booking your next big trip already. But, before you hop on a plane anytime soon, you need to plan accordingly — and we’re not just talking about your itinerary.

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  • Pug Sleepy

    Throw Away Your Sleeping Pills : 6 Tips For Better Natural Sleep

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    You got seven hours of sleep every night this week but still wake up feeling tired. The day seems to drag on, it’s hard to focus, and your energy is constantly low. Sound familiar? Lack of quality sleep is a problem for many of us, but before you pop another sleeping pill, consider trying a more natural approach.

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  • Spleen in Traditional Chinese Medicine

    The Spleen and Eastern Medicine

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    The Spleen and Stomach in Eastern Medicine are the main organs that support your digestion. They are paired organs in Eastern Medicine, one yin and one yang. As with most things in Eastern Medicine, they key is finding balance. This is especially true of your Spleen where you can use food and lifestyle changes to support not only your digestion, but your health overall.

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  • Eastern Medicine Cures For Holiday Stress

    Why The Should-Be-Happy Holidays Stress Us Out And How To Deal Naturally

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    Even though it feels like it was just March yesterday, the holidays are here. Sure that means fun Friendsgivings and a rocking NYE party (though who knows that that means this year), but it also means midnight amazon cart filling and houseguests up in your space. For many of us, it’s both equal parts fun and chaos, and that up and down is stressful. Here’s how to chill out naturally (without too many eggnogs) this holiday season and beyond.

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