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  • Listen To Your Body

    How To Stop Ignoring What Your Body Is Telling You

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    Do you have afternoon energy slumps or daily headaches from staring at screens, or maybe another slightly annoying health issue you’ve been ignoring? As humans, we’re adaptable but sometimes we even adapt to things that can be bad or harmful to us. Here’s the thing–you’re not supposed to be used to those things. They’re not inevitable. They’re actually messages from your body that something is wrong! But what if you listened to your body instead and gave it what it needed? In the long run, you’d be a lot happier and healthier. Here’s how to start listening to your body and prioritizing proactive wellness so that you can stop little bad things from becoming big bad things.

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  • Congee - What is Congee and Why Is It Good For You?

    Congee: What The Heck Is It And Should You Eat It?

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    Craving some comfort food? Meet congee. Sometimes sweet, often savory, congee is a staple of Asian comfort food cooking. Sometimes called jook or rice porridge, congee is a delicious, filling and easy to make meal that is endlessly customizable. And these days, it’s popping up on more and more menus across the US. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about congee!

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  • readywell

    How readywell Boosts Your Immunity

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    7 powerhouse herbs, 1 immune-boosting tincture. Let’s unpack the ingredients that make up one of our most popular products, our readywell Tincture. This immunity-boosting herbal supplement is chock-full of herbs used for centuries in Eastern medicine that have been scientifically proven to help you boost your immune system and up your energy levels.
    So with further ado, let’s check out each of the carefully-chosen ingredients in readywell.

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  • Sleep In Eastern Medicine

    Need Some Sleep? Popping An Ambien Might Be The Wrong Call. Here’s Why.

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    Let’s face it – there are many reasons why you may not be sleeping as well as you’d like. Whether you’ve had too much coffee or you’re stressed out about work, chances are you may have considered turning to prescription drugs to help catch up on some Z’s. It goes without saying that if your insomnia stops you from getting a good night’s rest, something needs to change. But is popping an Ambien the right move? Are there alternatives you should consider first? Spoiler alert: alternatives may do the trick!

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  • Leaky Gut In Eastern Medicine

    Leaky Gut Syndrome: What It Is And How To Treat It With Eastern Medicine

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    Whether you’re suffering from occasional stomach pain or diarrhea, your digestive woes may be caused from something called leaky gut syndrome (LGS). Basically, it’s like the scapegoat of intestinal problems and western medical practitioners don’t know much about it. That said, more and more research is coming out about it. Apparently, leaky gut syndrome can be an early warning of autoimmune diseases and type I diabetes, and it may even cause mental health issues like anxiety and depression. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re SOL if your gut is giving you problems, though. Fortunately there are some tips & tricks from Eastern medicine that can help get you back on track.

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  • Inflammation in Eastern Medicine

    4 Secret Signs of Inflammation And How To Fix It

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    Inflammation is like the boogeyman. It’s absolutely everywhere, showing up as a symptom for everything from depression to osteoarthritis. But unlike some other symptoms, inflammation is invisible. You can suffer from it for years without even knowing! Fortunately, we’re sharing how to recognize inflammation’s subtlest signs, and how to help make the pain go away with some tips and tricks from Eastern medicine.

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  • Eastern Probiotic Herbs

    Eastern Herbs Vs. Probiotics: Pros, Cons, and Things To Know

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    Is your digestion off? Let’s face it – whether you’re dealing with the occasional stomachache or something more significant, no stomach issue is fun. While probiotics have grown in popularity in the West because of their positive effects for the entire body, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re a one-size fits all solution. In fact, your probiotic levels may already be higher than you think depending on what your diet consists of. Eastern medicine relies on food as medicine and as such, a balanced diet is ideal. That said, there are many Eastern herbs that can help with stomach issues. So, which is right for you – probiotics or herbs? We’ll break it down.

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  • Skullcap Root

    How Long Do Herbs And Herbal Supplements Last? What To Know About Expiration Dates

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    Wondering if those herbs are actually still good? Whether you use dried herbs to cook with or you take herbal supplements, it can be tricky to know how long they’re good for. The “best by” date for herbs and herbal supplements can depend on a lot of things, including what kind of herbs they are, how they are preserved, and how they’re stored. We’re sharing what you need to know, from what you should look out for to how to properly store herbs to begin with.

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